A Guide On Where To Buy Penny Stocks


So, you want to know where to buy penny stocks.  First, let’s discuss what these types of stocks represent.  Penny stocks are those that are valued at less than five dollars. There are however those who say that they are those that are rated to be worth less than a single dollar. Then again, they are not traded under the New York Stock Exchange, which is a major stock exchange medium where you can buy penny stocks. Instead, they are traded in over the counter bulletin boards and under Pink sheets. Regarding the best place where you can access and buy your penny stocks, there are some of the best options where you can buy them, but we want to focus on some of the best there is. They include buying from the discount brokerage firms, buying from the money managers or investment advisers, and buying from the full-service brokerage firms.

Buy the penny stocks at the discount Brokerage Firms.

A lot of discount brokerage firms where you can buy penny stocks are available online. You can just simply create your brokerage account through an application submission done online. These firms only require minimal initial deposits so you can activate an online brokerage account. Also, they have good deals on commission and fees. Once you have completed these requirements, you can now choose to buy and sell any stock you want. Once you become a very high stock trader, then these discount brokerage firms may lower their commissions to try at least to entice you. Usually, they charge commission per transaction. But once you become a common investor, then that is the time they can give you discounts, hence their name.

Buy the penny stocks at the full-Service Brokerage.

Although discount brokerage firms are very popular in the market, many investors find full-service brokerage firms equally, if not, more reliable in stock market deals. These firms are generally more costly compared to discount firms where to buy penny stocks. But their scope of service goes in far greater lengths. They offer expert investment advice, perform the trading at your bidding and can even provide you useful recommendations and suggestions as to which ones to put your money in to.

Buy the penny stocks at the Investment Adviser or Money Manager.

If you are the type who has little patience when it comes to thinking where to buy penny stocks to trade in, then you can benefit by looking for a money manager or an investment adviser. Not only do they manage mutual funds, but they also take care of any investment you seek. Investment advisers manage your accounts and trade in the stock market. Between all of this, make sure that you are kept updated with regards to the progress of your investment.

Buy penny stocks from NASDAQ Small Cap Market.

It is the safest and the best place where you can buy penny stocks. Those companies that are listed here have a requirement of reporting and keeping in compliance to this to maintain their listing. Investors can access the financial results and the ongoing reports of the company. The shares on the NASDAQ small cap market are covered by the financial news services

Buy penny stocks from the American Stock Exchange.

This is a perfect source where to buy penny stocks. Normally shares that trade here have a less volume than that from the NASDAQ small cap, The companies report the requirements which are followed by .news and quote services, for this reason, investors do enjoy the benefits that are derived from the small cap stock exchange.

Buy penny stocks the from Canadian Markets.

Penny stock shares are listed on both Toronto Stock Exchange and Toronto Venture Exchange among them as low as some few cents. We advise that in case your broker can allow for over the border trades then the best place where to buy penny stocks should be the Canadian penny stocks. These companies trade inexpensively since they are smaller in size as opposed to them being speculatively high. There are many good companies to choose between with Canadian penny stocks.


Now that we have given you the best options as to where to buy penny stocks, the choice now rests upon you to decide on the best. Just make sure that you pick the one that can offer you the best services suitable for your needs and has a proven track record in the investment venture and you will never regret it.

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