A look into Thunder Energies Corporation

Phoenix, AZ – (UPTICK Newswire – September 24, 2015) – Thunder Energies (TNRG) came to our attention in July when Chief Scientist and CEO Dr. Santilli was interviewed by Stu Taylor on Biztalk streaming radio. Dr. Santilli gave an overview of the company and the work they are doing in producing breakthrough telescopes with concave lenses that can detect anti-matter galaxies, giving amateur and professional astronomers alike greater opportunities to experience such anomalies. For a full line up, check out the products here: http://www.thunder-energies.com/index.php/ct-menu-item-9

Stu Taylor interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtU8vgTnf14

Furthermore, subsequent news followed in August outlining the appointment of a new leadership team to produce and distribute the TEC telescopes along with accelerating the nuclear and combustion divisions of TNRG. The appointments look like strong picks: COO, Dr. W. George Gains with over 40 years of experience in academic and private sectors, financial leader Margaret Haberlin-Curry at CFO and engineer Shannon Hall serving as the Operations manager.

Read more here: http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/TNRG/news

We are of course interested in what is coming next at TNRG. In looking at their balance sheets and seeing the dedication presented by Dr. Santilli and the management of TNRG, we expect great things.

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