Auscrete Corporation (ASCK) Advances Towards Launch of Flagship Facility

Goldendale Washington (Uptick Newswire – August 22, 2017) – Auscrete Corporation (ASCK) IR director, Lee Odom says, “Progress of the factory construction initiative is advancing towards the launch of the flagship facility at a very rapid rate.  On a day to day basis, there are so many internal activities ongoing, that even an outsider can practically feel the pulse of the company coming to life.”


Besides the company’s internal excitement about the launch, the buzz it is creating around Goldendale is exactly what the city council was looking for to help bring a dynamic growth to the area.  This endeavor has already lead to several inquiries about future positions, even some from outside the state of Washington that say they would welcome a relocation to Goldendale. Additionally, there has been a flurry of inquiries about purchasing Auscrete homes.

This is leading to a period of growth and synergy for Auscrete Corp. and Goldendale as they will grow and nurture together.

The following is a brief description of the efficient process that ASCK will bring to both individual homes and small-to-mid size commercial structures as well.  Most do not realize that ASCK finished product includes hybrid aerated concrete, which is 40% lighter than normal concrete, thus making it more efficient and easier to transport and erect at the actual building site.  The aeration also gives the ASCK product more flexibility which greatly enhances the durability of the product.

The actual finished housing unit normally comes totally turnkey, with cabinetry and appliances from a few hand selected vendors for the customer to choose from, thus enhancing and assuring the customer’s satisfaction.  And to augment the process the plumbing and electrical is formatted before the pouring of the actual concrete thereby saving the customer further expense in areas of electrical and plumbing installation.

Additionally, besides the plumbing and standardized electrical wiring preset in the form, the house comes prewired to be smart home enabled from day one, this is yet another example of the innovation and planning of an Auscrete structure.

By striving to assure customer satisfaction, ASCK’s goal is to grow its brand name and reputation throughout the continental USA, which will lead to future growth and enhancement of shareholder values, both in the near-term and especially for the longer-term shareholders.

About Auscrete Corporation
Auscrete Corporation (OTC:ASCK) is a manufacturing and construction contractor of “GREEN” energy efficient housing and commercial structures built from Auscrete developed lightweight hybrid concrete/insulation wall and roof panels. Structures built of this medium are very low maintenance and, being concrete, are highly resistant to insects and mold. They have considerable mass and are highly resistant to hurricane forces and earth tremors. They will not catch fire and burn. Auscrete is planning to establish their Flagship Facility in Goldendale, WA.

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Lee Odom
VP of Business Development
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Phone: 305 853 8404

Source: Uptick Newswire

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