Carie Health, Inc. Discusses The Potential of Its Virtual Care Platform and Digital Pharmacy with The Stock Day Podcast (EMOR) January 12, 2021

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Phoenix, Arizona–(Newsfile Corp. – January 12, 2021) – The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Carie Health, Inc. (OTC Pink: EMOR) (“the Company”), formerly known as Emerald Organic Products Inc., a company with an objective to build, as well as acquire, the technology that touches people at the most important points of their lives. CEO of the Company, Ian Parker, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Jolly began the interview by asking about the Company’s background and current projects. “To eliminate any confusion that may arise, we just went through a name change,” shared Parker. “The name of the company is Carie Health, Inc.,” he continued, noting that investors may still find the Company’s former name, Emerald Organic Products Inc. appear in association with their ticker symbol. “Carie Health is a digital healthcare company. We have a complete digital healthcare system that includes a 50 state medical group, advanced virtual care, and a digital pharmacy as well.”

“The healthcare industry seems to be rapidly digitizing. Where does your company fit in with this evolving marketplace?” asked Jolly. “The COVID crisis has put a lot of pressure on our existing systems and has forced the healthcare industry to move quickly into the digital environment,” said Parker, before elaborating on the Company’s work in this space.

“The 50 state medical group allows us to bring on a very broad range of specialties,” shared Parker. “When you have a care episode, we can now keep you in the ecosystem; you can find the rest of your continuum care within our ecosystem, as opposed to us pointing you in another direction,” he explained. “The advanced virtual care side allows you to connect digitally to a doctor,” said Parker, adding that the system can be used on mobile devices. “We integrate that with the digital pharmacy,” he said. “Once again, that allows us to keep you in the ecosystem and make sure that you get the care that you need, when you need it.”

“How many people are in the Carie Health ecosystem today?” asked Jolly. “Right now we have 2.5 million people in the ecosystem,” shared Parker. “We’re just now starting to monetize all of those relationships; we have another half a million people that we are bringing onboard as we speak. So, the ecosystem is growing very rapidly.”

The conversation then turned to the evolution of the virtual care industry. Parker shared that when telemedicine first emerged, it was limited to acute and common conditions, but has since grown to be able to provide more advanced needs within a single digital care platform. “Once we determine what your therapy should be, we want to be able to bring it right to your door. That’s where the digital pharmacy comes in,” said Parker, adding that the goal is to decrease the patients’ treatment time. “We’ve signed a deal with a particular last mile carrier,” shared Parker. “We’re now able to provide last mile delivery in certain locations,” he added. “In addition to that, we have some advanced patient monitoring that we’re integrating into the platform right now, which will be able to give vital signs to the doctors and health care providers, real-time vital signs, right from your mobile device.”

Jolly then asked about the price point for the Company’s healthcare ecosystem. “The price point right now for an individual is around $20; for a family, it’s about $39,” said Parker. “That includes unlimited telehealth visits, behavioural health visits, and it includes prescription discounts.”

Parker then discussed the fusion of FINtech and healthtech for social programs, sharing that the Company is able to utilize an eWallet to verify a patient’s identity, capture personal information, and link it to existing programs. “From one mobile device you can now search all available programs, including housing, food, healthcare, and medication,” said Parker. “The program will determine your eligibility, and once it has determined your eligibility it will submit that application for you,” he explained, adding that the system will also receive payments.

“The goal here was to make sure that we cut the application time and the ability to receive the payments down to one to three days, and that way the people who need the help can go get the help,” said Parker. “In a time where COVID is really putting a lot of pressure on our economy and our fellow neighbors, this is a program that is incredibly important.”

“Have you given any thought to when commercializing and revenues might come to fruition?” asked Jolly. “We’re in our fourth quarter right now, so in the fourth quarter we are going to realize revenues. In the first quarter of next year, which will start April 1st for our fiscal year, we will start to really begin to realize the full breath of revenues that we’ve inbuilt into the ecosystem.”

To close the interview, Parker expressed his confidence in the Company’s virtual healthcare platform and the care that went into its completeness and development. “It took a great many professionals to do that,” said Parker. “From a medical, financial, and technology standpoint, it’s an incredible team of people that put this together and I’m very honored to serve with them. They’ve done an excellent job and we’re very proud to put this out into the marketplace.”

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The objective of Carie Health, Inc. is to build, as well as acquire, the technology that touches people at the most important points of their lives. Carie, through its subsidiaries, uniquely combines virtual care capabilities with digital pharmacy and prescription delivery offerings in a streamlined ecosystem to democratize and defragment patient access to products and services within the healthcare continuum.

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