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President and CEO Tim Sullivan of SHARK Energy Drink

SHARK Energy Drink is a premium lifestyle Energy Drink. A stimulating non-alcoholic refreshment which also works well as a mixer with alcoholic beverages, SHARK Energy Drink comes from a high quality recipe that was formulated, developed and perfected by Osotspa Europe Ltd.. Launching its first US campaign in Florida, SHARK already boasts a relationship with 7-11 and a number of other distributors and independents. Currently in the US, SHARK comes in SHARK Stimulation Original flavor and SHARK Sugar Free. Additional plans include adding new varieties including Red Berries and Apple & Melon.

President and CEO of Energy Beverages Inc., Tim Sullivan has spent the last twenty plus years delivering value to Fortune 500 clients. He has a proven track record in managing resources, teams, strategy, executive relationships, and customer and partner collaboration. Mr. Sullivan is now focused on using his diverse business and technology experience for developing the SHARK Energy Drink brand in the US.

For more, go to www.sharkenergy.com and www.sharkenergyusa.com

Seg. 2

CEO, Chairman and Co-founder of Rebellion Research, Alexander Fleiss

Rebellion Research is a quantitative asset management firm that applies machine learning technology to evaluate the value, growth and momentum of stock while facilitating global equity investing. A branch of artificial intelligence, Machine Learning is a scientific discipline concerned with the design and development of algorithms that allow computers to evolve behaviors based on empirical data.

Since January 2007, Rebellion’s Artificial Intelligence-based Global Equity strategy has been managing money for partners and clients. By using its proprietary artificial intelligence based Machine Learning, Rebellion Research has the capacity to monitor 54 countries on a daily basis while further incorporating that information with twenty years of historical information. “Its technology, once available only to very high net worth investors through our hedge fund, is now offered to you through managed brokerage accounts at Interactive Brokers.:

CEO, Chairman and Co-founder of Rebellion Research, Alexander Fleiss has a BA in Political Science and Art History from Amherst College. He has expert knowledge in several fields such applied mathematics and Hedge Funding. In 2007, Fleiss and three associates, Jeremy Newton, Jonathan Sturges, Spencer Greenberg founded Rebellion Research. Prior to Rebellion, Mr. Fleiss worked as Principal at NYC-based hedge fund KMF Partners, and as an equity analyst at Neuberger Berman.

For more, go to www.rebellionresearch.com

Seg. 3

Mr. Jeffrey Foote Executive Vice President, Sustainability of TreeZero

Since its inception in 2009, TreeZero has been committed to making a positive impact on the environment for future generations.  As part of this mission, TreeZero conducts a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to determine the CO2 generated from its products’ entire value chain – from the growing and processing of the sugarcane through the manufacturing, distribution and disposal of the paper.  TreeZero is the only 100% tree free, carbon neutral paper brand in North America. It further continues its commitment to the evironment by partnering with organizations such as Wildlife Works in order to focus its carbon neutrality efforts against deforestation. “We are dedicated to doing the most good for the earth and helping you to achieve your organization’s or even your individual sustainability goals and objectives.”

Mr. Jeffrey Foote has extensive expertise and experience in strategic business planning, management, and environmental issues. He developed circular economy strategy and has provided strategic support and guidance for enhancing relationships with key customers. For many years, he worked for the Coca-Cola Company in several executive positions such as Director of Customer Sustainability and Environmental Affairs.

For more, go to www.treezero.com

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