Daily Picks for 2/9/2016

Welcome to Uptick’s Daily Picks where our staff looks for new companies to bring to our readers. At times we do focus on a handful of companies such as GRNBF and BDIC. We’ll be looking at these companies throughout the coming days, following their progress. We encourage our readers to do the same with all of the companies featured in the Daily Picks.

GRNBF: GreenBank Capital, Inc.

(OTC GRNBF, CSE: GBC) GreenBank is the developer of the world’s first identifiable crypto currency GreenCoinX. Other digital currencies are unreliable due to anonymity and illegal behavior. However with GreenCoinX  email and phone identification is required before a transaction is initiated. Additionally, the currency is taxable and has an android app. GreenBank offers “strong management, a talented and renowned advisory board along with the technology and forethought in place to make GreenCoinX a world leader in crypto currency, Uptick is looking forward to considerable growth going forward stemming from GreenCoinX for the Company.”

Read their latest news here.

BDIC: Blow and Drive Interlock Corporation

OTC QB: BDIC is a revenue generating company, manufacturing and distributing their wireless BDI-747 Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device to service centers in eight states with more to come. The Interlock market has been estimated by Forbes and Bloomberg to reach anywhere from $1.1 Billion to $3.2 Billion a year by 2018-20.

Read their latest news here.

BLPH: Bellerophon Therapeutics, Inc.

NASDAQ: BLPH announced positive results from its final analysis of its phase 2 long-term study of INOpulse for Treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.

OOIL: OriginClear Inc.

OTC QB: OOIL’s progressive water treatment starts up a more than a million dollar installation for a Texas refinery.

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