DigiPath Labs Delivers First Cannabis Strain Genotyping Results

LAS VEGAS, NV — (Uptick Newswire – October 6, 2016) – DigiPath Labs, a subsidiary of DigiPath, Inc. (OTCQB: DIGP), an independent cannabis testing lab and media firm, is pleased to announce that it has delivered its first cannabis Medicinal Genomics’ StrainSeekTM genotyping results to two of its clients, Green Life Productions (GLP) of Nye County, NV and Polaris MMJ of Clark County, NV.

Cindy Orser, PhD, Chief Science Officer at Digipath Labs, commented, “Cannabis strain genotyping represents the consummate quality assurance that a testing lab can offer to both its cultivation clients as well as the MMJ patient, as it is the definitive dimension of authenticity that Digipath Labs now offers through partnership with Medicinal Genomics of Woburn, MA.”

Medicinal Genomics StrainSeekTM genetic analysis of over 500,000 DNA base pair reads from GLP’s Fire Angel and Polaris’ Head Cheese genomic DNAs, when compared with the current reference genome for Purple Kush CanSat3 (van Bakel et al. 2011 Genome Biol 12(10):R102), identified single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs. SNPs are basically DNA base pairs that differ as the result of mutations and serve as the basis for establishing genetic relatedness.

When used for downstream population genetic analysis in comparison to the ever growing database of cannabis strains that have been sequenced to date, SNPs inferred the relatedness of Fire Angel and Headcheese to other strains based on genetic distance. Fire Angel’s CBD>THC chemoprofile is in alignment with its nearest genotyped relatives Cannatsu, CherryDurbanPoison and JackHerer, and Head Cheese is in alignment with Super_Lemon_Haze.

In addition, StrainSeekTM analysis creates a digital timestamp in time and in the cloud connecting Fire Angel’s genotyping to GLP and Head Cheese to Polaris MMJ here; with a unique transaction QR code linking to the website www.kannapedia.net/strains/

“GLP is elated to be one of the first medical marijuana cultivators in Nevada to use StrainSeekTM genotyping to digitally timestamp one of our most unique cannabis strains,” said Kouanin Villa from Green Life Productions. “Digipath Labs is really on the cutting edge of science and that’s one of the reasons we love working with them.”

“It was really interesting to find out how unique the properties of Head Cheese are, an E2Genetic grown exclusively by Polaris MMJ in Nevada”, said Peter Ishak, Master Cultivator and part owner in Polaris MMJ.  “Head Cheese has a strong following and it’s great to now have genetic testing information that we can share with patients.”

About DigiPath, Inc.

DigiPath, Inc. is an independent cannabis testing and media firm that supports the cannabis industry’s best practices for reliable testing and delivers cannabis news coverage and education about the cannabis industry. DigiPath’s two business units are DigiPath Labs and TNM News Corp. DigiPath Labs™ is working to set the industry standard for testing all forms of cannabis-based products using FDA-compliant laboratory equipment and proprietary standard operating procedures (SOP) to ensure product safety and efficacy. TNM News Corp. has pioneered a cannabis-focused news network, The National Marijuana News, which delivers news, interviews, and education on all things cannabis.

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