DigiPath Labs Validates New Extraction Technology

LAS VEGAS, NV – (UPTICK Newswire – October 20th, 2016) – DigiPath Labs, a subsidiary of DigiPath, Inc. (OTCQB: DIGP), an independent cannabis testing lab and media firm, recently completed a successful validation of Fluid Management Systems’ (FMS) pressure liquid extractor (PLE) for use across four different cannabis matrices.

The extraction methods currently used in the cannabis testing industry for both cannabinoids and pesticides is labor and reagent intensive, and highly unreproducible. In contrast, FMS’s PLE instrument uses high pressure which can complete the extraction of cannabinoids, terpenes and pesticides in less than five minutes, with consistency, efficiency and reproducible results from sample to sample.

Cindy Orser, PhD, Chief Science Officer at Digipath Labs, commented, “One of the biggest expenses in cannabis sample processing is related to the amount of time required to homogenize, weigh, and extract each sample for the myriad of analytical tests. My interest in investigating FMS’s PLE was to reduce both time and reagent cost and at the same time increase consistency and reproducibility.”

Extraction technology developed for the food industry for high lipid and fat content products has not been previously applied to cannabis, and that is where FMS’s expertise and instrumentation comes into focus.

Tom Hall, VP of Marketing & Sales at FMS, located in Watertown, MA, stated, “As the innovator in extraction instrumentation for the food and environmental industry, it made sense for FMS to look for thought leaders in the cannabis testing space to evaluate our technology for use in the cannabis industry.”

“Following the application and validation of extraction protocols using the FMS PLE instrument for cannabis flower, edibles, extracts and lotions, DigiPath labs plans to begin using the FMS instrument immediately”, said Dr. Orser.

About DigiPath, Inc.
DigiPath, Inc. is an independent cannabis testing and media firm that supports the cannabis industry’s best practices for reliable testing and delivers cannabis news coverage and education about the cannabis industry. DigiPath’s two business units are DigiPath Labs and TNM News Corp. DigiPath Labs™ is working to set the industry standard for testing all forms of cannabis-based products using FDA-compliant laboratory equipment and proprietary standard operating procedures (SOP) to ensure product safety and efficacy. TNM News Corp. has pioneered a cannabis-focused news network, The National Marijuana News, which delivers news, interviews, and education on all things cannabis.

For more information please visit www.digipath.com/.

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