DTC Lifts Bebida Beverage Company “Chill”

Company Now Shifts to Industry Investors Buyout or Buy In


STATESVILLE, North Carolina (January 22, 2015) – – Bebida Beverage Company (OTC: BBDA), (BeBevCo), a developer, manufacturer and marketer of relaxation and energy products announced today that The Depository Trust Company (DTC)  has determined to lift the Deposit Chill on the company’s stock effective January 21, 2015, and has resumed accepting deposits of Bebida Beverage Company’s common stock for depository and book entry transfer services. 

All deposit restrictions have been removed, and the company is now once again fully “DTC Eligible”, and has resumed electronic trading of the company’s common stock. 

A DTC “Chill” is a restriction that requires shares to be traded and cleared manually, using paper certificates instead of the electronic system operated by the DTC. It was originally placed on Bebida Beverage Company several years ago.  

The removal of the chill means that shareholders who have brokerage accounts with firms that do not allow transactions involving non-DTC eligible issuance’s will once again be able to buy and sell Bebida Beverage Company common stock through the electronic system that controls clearance and settlement. 

Subsequently, this should bring Bebida Beverage Company additional liquidity, and save investors from paying the extra fees some firms charge for non-DTC eligible stock purchases. The company reasons that a much larger population of potential investors, now being able to more easily buy Bebida Beverage shares, should translate into liquidity and a larger demand for common stock in the company, especially considering all the recent developments and growth.

“The issue of the chill is one that has handcuffed BBDA and limited trading of the stock for years,” stated BeBevCo CEO Brian Weber. “The company’s legal counsel and internal staff worked extremely hard to satisfy all of the DTC’s requirements and followed through with one of the several objectives outlined in December and subsequent stock restructuring.”

According to Weber, the chill removal could not come at a better time.

The company has many projects and new distribution partners on the horizon for their flagship product, KOMA Unwind® Liquid Relaxation® in the coming weeks. This also allows the company to continue a dialogue with several industry investors, as well as distribution networks that show interest in a buyout or significant buy in.

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For those consumers who cannot find KOMA Unwind and our other products locally, please visit our website and Amazon.com to place an order.

Shareholders, investors and potential new distributors are invited to be added to the corporate e-mail database for the future distribution of corporate press releases and industry updates by sending an e-mail to BeBevCoInvestors@gmail.com

About BeBevCo:

BeBevCo (Bebida Beverage Company) develops manufactures and markets liquid relaxation products including, KOMA Unwind® Liquid Relaxation®, KOMA Unwind® Sugar-free Liquid Relaxation®, and KOMA Unwind Liquid Relaxation Shots®, as well as POTENCIA Energy, POTENCIA BLAST Energy Shots and Relax 5 Shots.

KOMA Unwind® currently garnishes over 75 percent of brand awareness in the rapidly expanding relaxation drink category in the United States. Additionally, KOMA Unwind® has been featured in The Oprah Magazine, Bloomberg News, the Wall Street Journal, Women’s Health and many other publications. 

Corporate websites accessible at BeBevCo.com, Relaxfive.com and KOMAUnwind.com.

Contact: 704.660.0226 or info@bebevco.com.

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