Endurance Gold highlights success with the high-grade Godzilla and 007 gold discoveries, Ontario

Ontario, Canada-(UPTICK Newswire-September 18,2014)-Uptick Newswire interviews President of Endurance Gold Corporation (EDG.V) Robert T. Boyd about their gold exploration strategy that has unearthed exciting new discoveries in Ontario, Canada.

EDG.V is a junior exploration company that micro-cap calls a venture cap company focused on gold exploration in North America. Strictly through experienced research, EDG.V generates prospective road-accessible gold opportunities and then joint ventures those opportunities with other well-funded companies that result in reduced dilution and ultimately capital gains to shareholders.

With this exploration strategy, one of EDG.V’s projects has evolved with significant expenditures by their farm-out partner into a high quality project with eye-popping results in 2014.EDG.V retains a participating 35.5% ownership in the Pardo Joint Venture property northeast of Sudbury, Ontario.The operator of the Pardo Joint Venture property has spent significant funds since 2009 and has earned the majority joint venture ownership interest. Working together, the joint venture has had some exciting exploration results in recent programs.

The Pardo JV owned 35.5% by Endurance and 64.5% by Ginguro Exploration Inc. has discovered the Godzilla zone and the 007 Zone. A recent diamond saw cut channel sample at the Godzilla Zone identified continuous mineralization over 140 metres of strike that averaged 5.2 gram per tonne gold and a separate channel samples that averaged 10.4 grams per tonne gold over 29 metres, associated with a Precambrian-aged conglomerate. The gold-bearing conglomerate at the Godzilla Zone is estimated to have an average “true” thickness of 4 meters. At the 007 Zone located 850 metres north of Godzilla, other diamond saw cut channel samples from the same conglomerate averaged 36.5 grams per tonne gold over 31 metres and 28.7 grams per tonne gold over 20 metres. The gold-bearing conglomerate at the 007 Zone is estimated to be thinner than Godzilla with an average “true” thickness of 2 meters. These are exciting results and the Pardo JV is expected to continue to deliver additional goldresults as the exploration progresses throughout the year and through 2015.The conglomerate hosted geological setting at Pardo is similar to the Witwatersrand in South Africa. The Witwatersrand mines have produced over 40% of the gold in circulation at present.

Endurance’s exploration strategy has borne plump fruit with the Godzilla and 007 gold discoveries. Endurance is planning to repeat this success with the newly developing 100% owned gold projects at Rattlesnake Hills in Wyoming and the Elephant Mountain project near Fairbanks Alaska. Both are also road accessible projects. The Rattlesnake Hills district is a newly emerging gold district with new discoveries announced by other companies in 2010 and more recently in 2014. Endurance controls 100% interest in the north end of the Rattlesnake Hills district and has already discovered gold and copper occurrences that are ready for systematic trenching and exploration drilling.

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