Featured Interview: President Joseph Earle of Upper Street Marketing, Inc. (OTCPink: UPPR)

    President Joseph Earle of Upper Street Marketing, Inc.(OTCPink: UPPR), joins Stock Day to discuss holdings in the cannabis space, industrial hemp, and the potential market for CBD based products.

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Uptick Newswire Hosts Upper Street Marketing, Inc’s CEO as He Discusses Plans to Enter the CBD Market in a Big Way

PHOENIX, Dec. 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Uptick Newswire Stock Day Podcast features Upper Street Marketing, Inc. (OTC: UPPR) (“Upper Street”), which is entering the CBD and cannabis market in what may prove to be a very disruptive way. Upper Street Marking’s CEO, Joseph Earle, talked with Stock Day’s Everett Jolly.

Jolly began the interview by asking Earle for a little background on himself. He explained that he has over 40 years of experience in capital markets. He says his skill set is in technologies like pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, medical devices, software and hardware engineering, etc. He then began to explain what Upper Street Marketing is focusing on with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Growing Springs Holdings Corporation.

“It’s focusing on the CBD and cannabis market space, which is reaching hyper-growth,” explained Earle. He then explained the uses of industrial hemp as the primary source for CBD. “CBDs have proven to be a dramatic substance in the homeopathic of a variety of human illnesses.”

Jolly then asked how the company is shaping up to be a disruptor in the CBD market space. Earle explained that right now the marketplace is fragmented and behind modern business standards.

“The ability to bring good manufacturing practices or current manufacturing practices has been absent in the past and those are some FDA certifications that apply to the pharmaceutical industry and that is our focus at Growing Springs Holds and UPPR. We are bringing our science team to the table to be able to produce CBDs of the highest quality with robust and repeatable practices,” said Earle.

He then told Jolly that the company has 360 acres of cultivation that they are preparing for 2019. They plan to produce 1.8 million pounds of hemp biomass that will processed into roughly 30,000 to 35,000 kilos of CBD isolates.

“We will be a very large player, very quickly,” he said.

Jolly then asked if they will be creating their own products. Earle said they want to be vertically integrated and they plan to cultivate and produce CBD isolates. At this stage their business model calls for wholesale by selling the isolate to others.

“The ability to be vertically integrated is where the real profit lies, which is why it’s our focus. Wholesale CBD isolate right now goes for anywhere from $5,000 a kilo to $12,000 a kilo. There is a lot more room to be vertically integrated than just to grow and sell biomass,” explained Earl.

Jolly then asked what makes UPPR different from other competitors in the space. Earle says a variety of things set them apart.

“Number one, our leadership and our team. We certainly have a stellar team of scientists that are coming to the table. Secondly, we are in Colorado, which has the more favorable laws in the nation regarding the ability to produce hemp,” Earle explained. “We have tied up a lot of acres in Colorado through contracts. I do not think determined competitors will have access to the acreage that we have and the capitol that we are currently forming.”

He then said their team will be able to produce very large quantities of CBDs that exceed the marketplace standards.

About Upper Street Marketing

Upper Street Marketing combines decades of tactical branding experience with research-based intelligence to uncover, invest in — and expedite the growth of — companies displaying outstanding management and ROI potential. Upper Street Marketing is committed to its shareholders first and ascribes to a business ideology promoting transparency, visibility, growth and value.

For more information about Upper Street Marketing, please call: Toll-Free: (844) 535-UPPR (8777) Email: investorrelations@upperstreetmarketing.com

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