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Los Angeles, CA — (UPTICK Newswire) — 08/14/2014 — Global Entertainment Holdings (GBHL), a fully reporting company consists of: Global Universal Film Group, Global Entertainment Film Fund LLC, Global Entertainment Media, and You’ve Got the Part, Inc. The Los Angeles based firm has been instrumental in creating low-risk investment opportunities by utilizing large tax credits, co-treaty productions/financing, post-production deferments/hedging strategies, geographical production ( in respect to tax deductions) and back-end participation arrangements with production talent.

Collectively the company’s management team has over 100 years in the business entertainment arena and employs a business model that creates “captivating” films while simultaneously exercising a “continuum” of residual income for the company and its shareholders alike. GBHL targets a “built-in- audience” by utilizing successful novels & established films (Mr. Pink, The Emissary, Final Reel) as production targets for movie projects. Global Entertainment Media has spent more than 2 years developing “i-HUB” (internet- Home Utility Base), which is slated to become the modern day solution to satellite/cable programming. “The i-HUB is the Cadillac of boxes”, stated Gary Rasmussen CEO of Global Entertainment Media. The “i-HUB” features an exclusive “back channel” which allows the “i-HUB” team to see the viewer’s screen and make real-time adjustments as needed. To clarify, technical issues pertaining to the set –top- box (STB) can be fixed remotely, usually within minutes. This eliminates the cost and time associated with traditional satellite/cable providers who need to schedule a technician to physically visit the service address. GBHL has a potentially lucrative partnership with MDS America which will serve as a rapid and cost-effective delivery platform in respect to back-end technology infrastructure. The partnership provides an optimal wireless delivery platform that supports a cloud based environment. Additionally, the user friendly features allow interaction with the platform via a Smartphone/tablet APP or the “i-HUB” remote control unit.

Users will interact with the technology by simply selecting or speaking the desired program/s. Upon the original programming inquiry the “i-HUB” will utilize a proprietary search database that scans the entire global network of media and finds the best fit, providing maximum user satisfaction. This set-top-box allows users to pick and choose channels and networks a la carte, eliminating the restrictions of traditional programming packages. Seamless navigation, 4k ultra high definition picture quality, and remote support make the “i-HUB” a modern day solution to traditional television programming. Another flagship digital development offered by Global Entertainment Holdings is “You Got the Part” (YGtP). “You Got the Part, is for anyone, anywhere at anytime who wants a shot at their 15 seconds of fame for the cost of a cup of coffee”, stated Gary Rasmussen. The trademarked & copyrighted technology provides the opportunity for users to audition for upcoming roles in major motion picture films.” The crowd promotion social networking platform has gained enormous popularity simply because it levels the playing field, and allows anyone to audition for Hollywood roles at anytime just by filming themselves with their Smartphone or a webcam. Importantly, YGtP will not rely on only one, but enjoy several streams of revenue – from small ($1.99) upload fees; plus significant ad-rev-share from millions of eyeballs driven to the website; plus co-promotion opportunities with well known products and services; plus continuous sales of valuable meta-data.

Currently Global Entertainment Film Fund LLC, has completed several titles including, “Blue Seduction”, “Plaster Rock”, “American Sunset”, and also retains several vintage films (Complete Film Line-up).

About Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. GBHL
GBHL is a publicly-held, entertainment company with the goal of building a worldwide entertainment and media organization with domestic and foreign subsidiaries, affiliates and/or joint venture partners. GBHL operates primarily through its wholly-owned subsidiaries of Global Universal Film Group (Film Production & sales), Global Entertainment Media (media content delivery; the “i-HUB”) and Global Entertainment Film Fund, LLC (Film Slate Financing). The Company is determined to stay on the cutting edge of social networking and media distribution through its wholly-owned subsidiary, You’ve Got The Part, Inc. You’ve Got the Part plans to capitalize on the current popularity of Hollywood and reality-based programming by offering participants small speaking roles online, in a real Hollywood movie or video production, for which anyone with access to a Smartphone or a digital camera can apply. Global Entertainment Media is focused on development of digital distribution of media content with the i-HUB set-top convergence system. The Company also utilizes joint ventures to maximize revenue while reducing equity exposure. A recently announced joint venture in the areas of film productions, tech-education and social media promotion, Global-Mahvrick, LLC, was formed with Mavhrick Networks to further GBHL’s corporate goals.

For more information on GBHL, please visit us on the Internet at:, or contact the Company by email at:

About MDS America, Inc.
MDS America is the premier builder of MVDDS systems for high-speed wireless broadband delivery of video and Internet data by terrestrial transmission for customers worldwide. Information on MDS America can be found at MDS America.

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