Helping Companies Go Public Jon Doukas, Managing Partner of Trends Mergers & Acquisitions, Interviews on “Stock Day”

Phoenix, AZ (Uptick Newswire – January 31, 2018) – Uptick Newswires “Stock Day” Podcast CEO and host Everett Jolly is pleased to welcome back Mr. Jon Doukas who co-owns the privately held Company Trends Mergers & Acquisitions ( Mr. Doukas starts the interview off by proudly stating that, “The Company has transacted over 200 reverse mergers to date and that in 2017 Trends has helped 20 companies go public. It seems this is going to be a great year for Trends as the Company has closed its first deal of the year while additionally helping 7 other companies go public up to this point so far in 2018.”

The Company’s specialty in the private sector of the market is being a consultant that guides and assists CFO’s accountants, lawyers, entrepreneurs etc. through the maze of becoming a publicly traded entity. Mr. Doukas states, “We receive over five to ten business plans a week on our desk. My partner Clinton Greyling, who started this Company over 15 years ago, has a great deal of experience in this space for what actually constitutes a deal. So together what we do is look for those Companies that represent the greatest opportunities and we offer to act as a principal. In other words we put our own money in the deal.”

Continuing the interview, Mr. Doukas describes the hottest sectors in the public markets right now to be the cannabis industry and the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry. The cannabis industry around five years ago was described as a bunch of ex-drug dealers and now Mr. Doukas is getting numerous calls from major broker-dealers looking to get involved in the public space. He continues by describing cryptocurrency/blockchain as a “disruptive technology” and an alternative to fiat currencies that can be utilized across a broad swath of sectors, from healthcare to fintech. Mr. Doukas further stated, “We are conducting perhaps two of the top crypto/blockchain deals and two top cannabis deals in the space right now.”

Trends has a unique process in determining whether a company should go public or not. The management team looks “intimately close” at numerous companies daily, frequently turning down more deals then they take on but if a company has the criteria that is the successful combination Trends will help them every step of the way.

Mr. Doukas describes 2018 future plan to really focus more on management advisory work, helping company’s perfect their business plans, advising on how to raise capital as a public company and steering them away from the problems. Cliff Perry, CEO of Freedom Leaf which is the number 3 performing stock on the OTC, whom Mr. Doukas describes as one of best managers he has ever met, had come to Trends magazine to take his Company public in the cannabis space. Trends had put Freedom Leaf into one of the best public vehicles on the market one capable to potentially uplist to the NASDAQ. Freedom Leaf started off with a solid vehicle and a plan to stay in the media business which, Mr. Doukas describes as “not the answer”. After that Freedom Leaf came back to Trends to take on the role as advisor and consultant for the company. Cliff immediately embarked on a solid plan to aggressively monetize the operations of the Company by creating a revenue stream and a business model that has proven to be tremendously successful.

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