Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp. Discusses Their International Expansion Strategy with The Stock Day Podcast (HERTF) October 28, 2020

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Phoenix, Arizona–(Newsfile Corp. – October 28, 2020) – The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp. (OTCQX: HERTF) (“the Company”), a vertically integrated cannabis provider that currently has two Health Canada approved licensed producers, through its subsidiaries Voyage Cannabis Corp. and CannaCure Corp. both regulated under the Cannabis Act Regulations. CEO of the Company, Clint Sharples, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Jolly began the interview by asking about the Company’s background and current projects. “Heritage has been around for the better part of about 5 years,” shared Sharples, adding that the Company originally began in British Columbia. “About two years ago, we made an acquisition of another licensed entity out here in Ontario. So, now we have two licenses, one in British Columbia and one in Ontario, which are two of the largest cannabis markets in Canada.”

“We have also done a third acquisition of an extraction company,” shared Sharples, adding that the acquisition involved a proprietary method of creating full-spectrum cannabis oil. “We transitioned them underneath our two licenses and now we are primarily an extraction and formulated products company bringing oil products to market.”

Jolly then commented on the Company’s robust sales of vaping and tincture products. “What separates these products from others in this space?”, asked Jolly. “The reason we are finding that a lot of people are being drawn to our product is the way that in particular our vape cartridges are made,” explained Sharples. “We have a proprietary system,” he continued. “The cannabis that goes into the extraction machine is the same strain profile as the oil that comes out the other side. These vapes don’t take it down to distillate like most,” said Sharples. “It has no harmful additives to it and it’s a full-spectrum profile.”

Jolly then asked about the Company’s acquisition of Opticann. “This one is a game changer for us,” said Sharples. He then elaborated on the skill and experience of the management team behind Opticann, which will serve as a major asset to the Company. Sharples also shared that Opticann previously reached a deal with Geocann for a product called VESIsorb, which improves the absorption rate of certain cannabinoids. “This is really big when it comes to CBD, your body can only absorb 10-15% if you’re really efficient. If you add the VESIsorb technology to it, it can increase it in some cases to over 50%.”

“Do you intend to pursue businesses outside of Canada and the U.S.?”, asked Jolly. “We are and will be continuing to address international markets,” said Sharples. “We’re getting a lot of interest from markets down in the southern hemisphere,” he shared. “We have three that we are actively in conversation with that we’re hoping to sign-up and get completed by the end of this calendar year.”

“Those three will keep us very busy next year, in addition to the business that we’re doing here in Canada,” said Sharples, adding that the Company expects to have products hitting the shelves in the early Spring. “It’s really a three-pronged approach: international business, U.S. business, and Canadian business. This will form what Heritage Cannabis is all about.”

To close the interview, Sharples expressed his confidence in the Company’s potential as cannabis markets around the world continue to expand. “The market is exploding. In Canada, the market is growing month over month. We know that the United States is going to grow, we know that other countries are going to be opening up, and Heritage intends to be at the forefront of all of that,” said Sharples.

To hear the entire interview with Clint Sharples, follow the link to the podcast here: https://audioboom.com/posts/7716567-heritage-cannabis-holdings-corp-discusses-their-international-expansion-strategy-with-the-stock.

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About Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp.

Heritage Cannabis is a vertically integrated cannabis provider that currently has two Health Canada approved licensed producers, through its subsidiaries Voyage Cannabis Corp. and CannaCure Corp. both regulated under the Cannabis Act Regulations. Working under these two licenses, Heritage has two additional subsidiaries, Purefarma Solutions, which provides extraction services, and a Medical Services Division which is focused on cannabis based medical solutions. In the U.S, Heritage operates under Opticann Inc., a Colorado based oral and topical cannabinoid company with the rights to exclusively sell CBD and CBG products made with the patented VESIsorbĀ® drug delivery system for optimized absorption and stability. As the parent company, Heritage is focused on providing the resources for its subsidiaries to advance their products or services to compete both domestically and internationally.


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