Hypergrowth Global Expansion of Epiphany Cafe Commences As Part Of SFIO’s $100M Business Roadmap To Be Achieved By 2022 (SFIO)

Hypergrowth Global Expansion of Epiphany Cafe Commences As Part Of

SFIO’s $100M Business Roadmap To Be Achieved By 2022

Smokefree Innotec, Inc. [SFIO] – following the finalized acquisition of Agrokings, Inc., the New Zealand-based group that owns Epiphany Cafe – has now opened slots for franchising of the cafe brand in USA, Australia, UAE and Canada. 

Hamilton, New Zealand, 03 September 2021 – Smokefree Innotec, Inc. [SFIO] announces the opening of franchising slots for Epiphany Cafe in USA, Australia, UAE and Canada, following the completion of acquisition of Agrokings, Inc. [“Agrokings”]. 

This will be marketed as part of SFIO’s global investor roadshows, which will be held in key states in the USA, such as Los Angeles, Arizona, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago and New York, from October 2021 onwards. A new name for SFIO is also well underway. 

Meanwhile, SFIO’s ‘The Global Academy’ – a masterclass and business coaching arm of the company – has been established, which will lead the global marketing campaign of SFIO by conducting informative sessions to highlight the entrepreneurial mindset about investing and owning a business. 

A key part of SFIO’s strategy is tapping into businesses and individuals who are in the shared economy, which is aligned with its business model and particularly, the integration of co-ownership and micro-business concepts in the holistic franchise model of Epiphany Cafe. 

This fully integrated Epiphany Cafe franchise system will be epitomized at its upcoming pilot stores, and is backed-up by robust industry and market research to ensure viability and sustainability of the business. 

“We are excited to start engaging with potential franchisees or licensees through SFIO’s ‘The Global Academy.’ Business coaching and training are key components of SFIO’s enablement program, which is part of our mission as an organization. So far, the most rewarding part of this venture is seeing people being positively impacted by the business, not only financially but more importantly, in terms of their entrepreneurial journey and literacy,” says Jeths Lacson, CEO and Chairman of SFIO. 

Another key element in enabling Epiphany Cafe to be a far-reaching industry leader boils down to using SFIO’s SMART-FREEZE Technology. The technology prolongs the shelf life of the brand’s pillow-soft donuts and premium cakes for up to six months, while maintaining quality. This disruptive innovation reduces product wastage significantly and eliminates the need of having multiple commissaries, which is the limiting factor in scaling the Epiphany Cafe brand in a certain country. 

More than that, Epiphany Cafe also aims to become the market leader in offering low-carb treats as part of its three-year plan through the collaboration with international low-carb communities. Stay tuned for further updates regarding SFIO’s name change and roadshows in the USA, Australia and UAE. 


For media enquiries, please contact: 

Craymond Yeong, PR and Marketing Specialist

Epiphany Cafe

Phone: [+64] 21 0833 2966

Email: info@sfio.co.nz

About Smokefree Innotec, Inc.

Smokefree Innotec, Inc. [OTC: SFIO] is an Asset Management Company, and is a conglomerate of several companies with five strategic business divisions, namely: franchising, food manufacturing and distribution, coffee business, property development, as well as technology and software development – all of which currently have a strong presence in New Zealand and Australia. 

SFIO is the new owner and operator of Epiphany Cafe Franchise Group, Ardent Bakers, Gorgeous Coffee Co., A+ Electrical, AG Architects and Accord Investment Group [AIG] following the successful acquisition of Agrokings, Inc. 

About Epiphany Cafe

Epiphany Cafe is a new-breed donut cafe that offers not only gourmet donuts of different delectable flavors but other sweet treats as well, most notably its artisan drinks combo. It is a recognized franchise with 30 licensed locations in New Zealand and has big plans to expand globally. Epiphany Cafe was named the “Best Emerging Franchise System” by the Franchise Association New Zealand [FANZ] in 2018. In the same year, Epiphany Cafe was voted as “Meadow Fresh Cafe of the Year” in the upper North Island, New Zealand.

About The Global Academy

SFIO’s ‘The Global Academy’ [Training Hub for Entrepreneurship] is a strategic learning provider of masterclasses and workshops – available both online and offline. It aims to educate, equip and empower its business partners, shareholders and potential investors to have entrepreneurial and business leadership mindsets, mastery, management and mentorship programs. The core of ‘The Global Academy’ is to customize strategic learning programs to develop the most important resource of an organization – the people. 

‘The Global Academy’ offers certification programs and modular courses. Currently, there are masterclasses in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial management and digital entrepreneurship, suitable for companies and individuals who want to thrive in this new digital economy and become leaders in the industry, workplace or specific organizations.