iBio, Inc IBIO With Ebola solution? Some Say NO!

Shame on iBio (Nasdaq: IBIO) for pulling a dangerous stunt that could soon cost its shareholders a staggering fortune. No matter how tempted IBIO might have felt to further capitalize on the Ebola scare – or how thrilled it must be with the immediate results – the company should have known better than to hype a vague possibility so remote that it looks downright farfetched.

Get ready for the truth to unfold and reality to exact its inevitable toll.

Let’s cut to the chase and get straight to the point. In short, IBIO has suggested that its technology might play a serious role in the mass-production of a promising new Ebola drug that already utilizesa rival delivery system to handle that process instead. Since IBIO has so far tested its own delivery system on just a handful of vaccines in early-stage safety trials – and the company never even bothered to mention the word “Ebola” in its recent 92-page 10K report – the government might feel understandably reluctant to let some manufacturer casually substitute the firm’s experimental technology for the very platform used to engineer that vital treatment and simply hope that it produces the same kind of results.

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