Marijuana Company of America Begins Recognizing Revenue From Kush Clinic Managed Services Agreement

BONSALL, CA–(UPTICK Newswire – Jan 11, 2016) – MARIJUANA COMPANY OF AMERICA (“MCOA” or the “Company”) (OTC PINK: MCOA), an innovative cannabis marketing and distribution company, issues update on the Kush Clinic (“Kush”) managed services agreement and commences recognizing revenue.

As of January 2nd, 2016, MCOA officially began providing managed services to Kush. The Company initiated the conversion of all Kush transactions to a custom cannabis-specific financial services platform. Through the integration of Global Payout’s MoneyTrac system with ApogeeINVENT’s web-based technologies, MCOA will set the standard for collectives to deliver a unique and beneficial cannabis experience to patient members. This integrated system enables Kush to provide a higher level of service to its patient members by providing detailed customizable reports tailored to both patient members’ and management’s various needs. The system will provide purchase pattern analysis, among other features, that allow Kush to manage their inventory and supply chain more effectively, and more consistently.

With the ever-changing legislation in California, and the upcoming transition to a state licensing program, it is more important than ever that small MMJ companies like Kush strictly adhere to current California MMJ regulations. MCOA is developing comprehensive compliance best practices for Kush to ensure that it is qualified to obtain licensing under the new regulatory framework, when it becomes effective.

The rebranding of the current Kush product line, and the introduction of MCOA branded products, will be phased in over the next few months. MCOA is evaluating Kush’s current supply chain partners and introducing new and diverse sources in anticipation of increased sales.

The implementation of the integrated Global Payout and ApogeeINVENT technologies will provide an attractive loyalty program for Kush patients, optimizing member retention. MCOA’s loyalty program can make the difference between keeping a patient member, or losing them to another collective. The loyalty program, coupled with the conversion to premium quality MCOA products, will increase Kush’s customer retention and satisfaction levels.

MCOA will be hiring and training additional staff for Kush in order to prepare for an increase in daily transactions, once the MCOA marketing program launches later this quarter. The Company is developing a comprehensive training program for employees in all areas of responsibility, to ensure the Kush customer experience is top-notch.

Mr. Steinberg, MCOA President, said, “The managed services MCOA provides to clients like Kush are critical to the success and expansion of these small businesses. They will thrive once they are able to focus on providing the best possible service for their patients, knowing their back office administration and operations are being managed effectively by MCOA.”

MCOA has begun recognizing revenue as of January 2nd, 2016 from this initial managed services agreement with Kush Clinic. As Kush expands within California as a result of the implementation of MCOA’s managed services, and MCOA continues to render services pursuant to the agreement, Company revenues will continue to expand commensurate with the expansion of Kush’s operations. The Company will receive 10% of Kush’s gross revenue for managed services provided.

Upon successful completion of the pilot program with Kush Clinic this quarter, the Company will immediately begin its expansion efforts with other clients within California, as well as additional states. Additionally, MCOA will begin to install regional distribution centers and train staff to fulfill orders for its clients, based on demand, and in compliance with state laws.

On behalf of the Board of Directors,
“Donald Steinberg”
Donald Steinberg
President & CEO

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Kush Clinic is a CA Prop 215 non-profit Collective headquartered in Palm Desert, California. Kush provides medical Cannabis products from its collective grower-members and delivers to patient-members via home delivery. Patients of Kush Clinic include many members of the rather large retirement community located in the Palm Springs area, including privileged access to gated communities. For more information go to


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