Micro Cap Stock Picks

In this topic I am going to take you though some Micro cap stock picks (tools) that will guide you in ripping profits from micro cap stock companies. Micro cap stocks are considered to have small markets and capitalization and are normally traded on stock exchange with no minimum standard requirements for example minimum number of stakeholders or minimum total amount of assets. Micro cap companies are the stocks of public companies located in the United States of America with a market capitalization that lies between $50 million and $300 million. Micro cap companies specialize in products or, and services that are not known by the general public. In comparison to large companies, stockbrokers less likely talk about micro cap stock picks and micro cap companies.

Trade in micro cap stock companies

Even though micro cap picks are less talked about, they are not completely unknown, you at least find several companies that you recognize in the business. Micro cap companies trade their stock on the Over-the -Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) or Nasdaq exchanges. Micro cap stock picks is an asset class with low correlations with other domestic equity classes as well as international equity and fixed income securities. However, micro cap stock picks have higher risks than other asset classes in the stock exchange markets.

Analyzing a micro cap company before investing

Being that micro cap stock company does not generate a big amount of investment banking fees, they are rarely covered by research analysts. As an investor, analysis of the micro cap company is a useful micro cap stock picks. More time and effort is required to analyze macro cop companies because the investor does more of the original research by himself. This often results to micro cap stock company not trading at their full values, creating inefficiency in price hence benefiting savvy investors. Analyzing a micro cap picks takes the same approach as that of analyzing larger companies, only the point of emphasis differ. Like any other investment you start by accessing current stock price against trading range. In addition to that, you take a look at valuation ratios to identify whether the stock is cheap or expensive, review the financial statements of the company to be aware of the total amount of profit being earned on revenues and whether the company is gaining cash, stagnant or loosing cash.

Investment decision on micro cap company

Making decision on whether to invest in the stocks of micro cap company is a critical micro cap stock picks. For micro cap stock investment, discovering that the company has a negative earnings and a sizable deficit in shareholders equity where there ought to be positive numbers should not raise an alarm. Unlike large cap companies, this might be a sign of fast pace growth of the company in its early stages. Instead of checking on the financial history of the company, it is advisable to put much effort on understanding the business strategies and models; making sure that the company has the best management team to stear it through the strategies; ensuring that the company operates in a sizable growing industry and deciding better ways to make the company better than its competitors. Simply protect your investment by ensuring everything is in place.

Observing Stock Trends

Observing trends is a fundamental micro cap stock pick in development because staying informed on consumer and industry trend is critical in choosing winners from losers in a stock exchange market. Advancements and changes of technology in consumer taste and lifestyle builds or crumbles even large cap companies. Forecasting of trends gives a clue of the latest ideas. To cope with latest trends ensure that the company is inventing in compelling Products or, and services that are unique in the market place, it has better was of doing things and its offers will have future demand in any market cycle.

Risks of inventing in micro cap stock company

Identifying risks is not only a good tool in any other business, it is also a micro cap stock picks. Micro cap equities comes with risks just as any other asset company. Micro cap companies have limited liquidity;this means it is not possible to quickly enough sell a micro cap stock to minimize losses when things go wrong. Some companies fail to execute their business plan forcing them to go out of business. Moreover, fraud and manipulation are common in the sector hence transaction costs in trading can be quite high. Valuing a micro cap stock is challenging if you are not well equipped with non-traditional price valuation techniques.


Investment in a micro cap stock company can bring great returns even though they come with significant risks. In this business, it is advisable to only invest in as much money as you are ready to lose, and apply the required micro cop stock picks.

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