MobiCard, Inc. Announces the Launch of their New Website and Beta Testing Program with The Stock Day Podcast (PTOP) August 8, 2020

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Phoenix, Arizona–(Newsfile Corp. – August 10, 2020) – The Stock Day Podcast welcomed MobiCard, Inc. (OTC Pink: PTOP) (“the Company”), a digital business card platform that allows individuals to seamlessly share their contact information virtually from anywhere. Chairman and CEO of the Company, Joshua Sodaitis, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

“MobiCard is super proud to deliver our new technology platform into the app stores to officially start the beta testing program,” announced Sodaitis to start the interview. “Check the Apple Store app, check the Google Play Store app – they have been approved. Both are now in their prospective stores and the beta testing program has officially begun,” continued Sodaitis. “This will allow our pre-selected beta-testers to familiarize themselves with the app and ensure that the application of the app is natural and practical in their everyday lives, while also highlighting features that are working, bringing any bug fixes to our attention, and offering suggestions for new features in the next stage of our MobiCard app.”

“This is going to revolutionize the industry. This app, in our opinion, will become the new way of sharing people’s contact information,” said Sodaitis, noting the efficiency of the application in terms of networking. “The web application, which operates additional features from a laptop or desktop, has also been completed,” shared Sodaitis. “The admin application will have other features for data analytics,” he added. “This is a huge milestone. The company is worth more today than it was yesterday; these are real assets to be reflected on the balance sheet.”

Jolly then asked for more details about the Company’s beta testing program. Sodaitis explained that the beta testing program is an opportunity for pre-selected users to identify glitches or bugs within the application, while also evaluating its user-friendliness and functionality. Beta-testers are required to provide the make and model of their current cellular device and provide written feedback regarding the use of the application with the option to include a screenshot of any issues. Once these bugs have been addressed, the Company will prepare to launch the live mode of the MobiCard application. “It will be exciting for us to enter the user sign-up phase and finally bring this product to the world,” said Sodaitis, adding that the Company cannot provide a definitive timeframe for the completion of this program, but expects it to take ‘a little over a month.

The conversation then turned to the application’s long list of features. “There are at least 657 features in these apps combined,” shared Sodaitis. “I’ll be putting out another press release specifically about the features and the benefits of the application,” he added. Sodaitis then elaborated on the real-time analytic assets of the application, which will allow users to be notified each time their business card has been viewed.

“I think this is a unique opportunity and the timing of this couldn’t be better,” said Sodaitis, noting the potential of the MobiCard platform given the current pandemic. “The beta test phase is the last step before we really kick this off.”

“I will make one more announcement on your show: our new website is completed as well,” shared Sodaitis. Listeners can visit the Company’s website, here.

Jolly then asked about a recent press release detailing the Company’s second patent. Sodaitis explained that the patent, U.S. Patent No. 10,616,368, was granted on April 7th, 2020 and gives the Company unique material claims regarding the invention of their proprietary business card technology. “That’s really going to differentiate us from all of the other companies out there,” said Sodaitis. “Not only will we have a better app, but we’ll have proprietary solutions that put us above anyone else in the market.”

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MobiCard is a digital business card platform that allows individuals to seamlessly share their contact information virtually from anywhere. Be the first to utilize and improve business productivity as well as strengthening relationships between businesses in addition to client and agent business practices. There is no limit to the creativity and ingenuity that this app can provide for business promotion and networking with a new way to set a fast pace business progression and seeing results beyond belief. These were the same ideals behind the creation of this app.

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