Net Medical Xpress Solutions Defines the New Era of Telemedicine Healthcare

LOS ANGELES, (UPTICK Newswire – September 24, 2015) – Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc (OTCQB:NMXS) is a worldwide telemedicine company. Telemedicine is the new frontier in medicine. With advanced low cost delivery methods pioneered by Net Medical, doctors can treat patients in rural areas throughout the world where there is a shortage of doctors and specialists.

Net Medical Xpress is profitable and has been trading on the OTC for over 15 years. The company has perfected its deployment of technology and physician services. Net Medical’s reputation is well known for providing quality patient care.

To support its varied programs for diagnostic and clinical medical services, it relies on a unique marketing strategy through its social media program of nearly 400,000 followers. The company markets to new and existing telemedicine companies by partnering with them to provide physician services and telemedicine technology.

Net Medical’s telemedicine services provides patient care to mobile healthcare companies, urgent care centers, hospitals, trauma centers, imaging facilities, jails, nursing homes, corporate health departments and outpatient medical facilities.

The company has developed proprietary telemedicine foundation software, which enables medical providers to make real-time assessments of patients’ conditions and treatment needs in the ER, at the office, at home and even while travelling.

Net Medical Xpress’ comprehensive tools are used for quality and secure digital consultations.

Healthcare companies have 24/7/365 access to Net Medical Xpress specialists and primary care doctors.

The government has mandated that clinical telemedicine solutions should be done in real-time and that the assessment of patients should be conducted via a video examination that is secure and HIPAA compliant. Net Medical Xpress programs save lives by reducing the time required to diagnose and treat patients.

Technology and the Internet have revolutionized many Industries. Healthcare is NEXT! We live in a connected age. This means that we’re primed for Telemedicine to be the next big thing in healthcare.

It wasn’t too long ago that Apple talked about the age of the Knowledge Navigator back in the 1980’s. Many of the ideas have come to fruition. We saw the transition of mainframes to personal computers in less than 30 years. Purchasing books from Amazon and others in place of going to the bookstore. And watching movies on Netflix instead of renting videotapes from Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.

Statistics Supporting Widespread use of Telemedicine

• 83.8% of U.S. Households have a computer

• 90% of adults have Smartphones

• U.S. is facing a dramatic shortage of doctors

• Rural medicine is not as advanced as urban areas

• Medical costs are not decreasing

• Market will find telemedicine more acceptable

The patterns are similar and the future repeats the past in many ways. Healthcare convenience and economy is becoming normal for senior citizens and those that embrace the new ways of communicating via tablets and smartphones. Office visits in the future will be the exception and telemedicine will be the dominant means of service.

Forward Looking Statement:

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