One to Watch, Propanc Health Group Corporation, Working to Provide Innovative Cancer Treatment Options

By Callan Smith

Phoenix, AZ  (UPTICK Newswire – May 6, 2015) –  UPTICK Newswire had the pleasure of speaking with CEO James Nathanielsz of Propanc Health Group Corporation (PPCH), an emerging healthcare company focusing on the development of new and proprietary treatments for cancer patients.

With cancer ever in the forefront of people’s minds regarding treatment, care, quality of life and of course terminal diagnoses, Propanc is working to make a difference, focusing on two pancreatic proenzymes, trypsinogen and chymotrypsinogen. Enzymes (proenzymes in their active form) have more or less been used in cancer treatment for many years, but are not yet approved for market use. This is despite compelling scientific evidence suggesting enzymes can become an effective tool in the fight against cancer. Mr. Nathanielsz stated that because these enzymes are produced in our bodies, Propanc is confident a proenzyme based cancer treatment can be developed that will offer a less toxic, and therefore a long-term treatment option compared to current standard therapies.

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Julian Kenyon facilitated the use of proenzymes in terminal cancer patients seeing small but significant results. Propanc is now taking such findings forward, creating the potential for new possibilities in cancer treatment. Dr. Kenyon stated in an earlier article regarding carcinomas “that PRP uses two pancreatic proenzymes and that are trypsinogen and chymotrypsinogen. Both the enzymes in inactive state and when given to a patient, are believed to be activated at the tumor place. They have potential to change the cancer cell’s signaling lines. It, thus, forces cells to opt for normal behavior, following which cancer cells die naturally. Reversing the EMT method is a main target of Propanc’s PRP.” Considering such an option in cancer treatment, it is easy to be optimistic about the company’s potential looking at their progress to date and moving forward.

Which leads to Propanc’s roadmap for the future, Mr. Nathanielsz stated that they commenced animal testing for PRP about a month ago. As well as continuing these studies, Propanc is investigating the effects of proenzymes on cancer stem cells. These cells are of particular importance, because as well as seeding new tumors, they are also resistant to chemotherapy. By studying these effects, they hope to screen and identify potential new compounds to add to their pipeline.

In six months’ time, Propanc is planning to commence toxicology studies for PRP. Mr. Nathanielsz noted that Propanc is looking at twelve-month window moving into human trials in the first quarter of 2016, of course depending on the results of the animal efficacy and toxicology studies. Mr. Nathanielsz stated the company is determined to “continue to leave no stone unturned to get the product to the market.”

In speaking with Mr. Nathanielsz, hearing him talk passionately about creating options for cancer treatment, it is clear the company he leads is committed to seeing their research and development come to fruition. Propanc has taken a broad view of even the patent process, choosing to file patents around the world, further cementing the company’s commitment to success. Interested parties have watched Propanc on the OTC market, seeing strong movement and fluctuation in share prices. Therefore, it is no wonder that investors have had questions about the dilution of shares. To counter the uncertainty, Mr. Nathanielsz clearly stated that Propanc is interested in boosting market cap and valuation, and the company “has not nor does it intend to continue to dilute shareholders unnecessarily.” Propanc recently paid two debts and the company is fully reporting.

With Propanc’s level of commitment as evidenced by CEO Mr. Nathanielsz, its board of directors and the company’s scientific advisory board, it is clear to UPTICK Newswire that this company is one to watch going forward. We are looking forward to the results of animal testing and ultimately human trials.

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