Online Stock Trading Companies: Top 7 Best Deals

Online stock trading companies provide the services to the people for investing in the stocks of the leading corporations in the world. These companies have one or more online stock trading platforms for buying and selling stocks of the corporations online. Furthermore, they also provide different deals to their clients. This article contains information of the top 7 such deals:

1. Deal Offered by TD Ameritrade
The TD Ameritrade is considered as one of the best online stock trading companies in the world due to the best consultancy services provided by this firm to its customers alongside offering top quality services for trading stocks online. This firm offers two best platforms to the customers for trading stocks online. These platforms are: Trade Architect that is designed for beginners, and the Thinkorswim that is an advanced platform for trading stocks online. The deal offered by the TD Ameritrade is that it offers both platforms entirely free to be used by any of their client along with a commission charge of $6.95. This makes the deal quite attractive and economical to every client they get. The TD Ameritrade also provides a separate account to each of their client.

2. The Deals offered by Merrill Edge
The Merrill Edge is also one of the best online stock trading companies in the world. It performs online trading in its own trading platform that is also named as Merrill Edge MarkPro trading platform. The deal offered by this online stock trading company is that it charges $6.95 as its commission rate, but it also gives promotions of $100 to $600 cash deposits to each client who opens the account in the company with at least $20,000 or beyond. Similarly it also offers free stock trading for up to first 90 days and at least 300 free ETF online to every customer who opens a new account of any amount in Merrill Edge platform.

3. Deal set by E-Trade
As its name suggests, the E-Trade company performs online trading of stocks and provides its clients with exceptionally quality services for round the clock. It has also made a hotline that is available for 24 hours at which the clients can call their representatives in the company to avail guidance about buying or selling particular stocks. Furthermore, its trading platform is also named as E-Trade’ that is also an efficient trading platform. E-Trade charges $6.95 to its clients; however, it also lowers its rate to $4.95 for those clients who perform at least 30 trades in each quarter. It is pertinent to mention here that E-Trade is considered as the best online stock trading company for beginners.

4. The Deals of Ally Invest
The Ally Invest offers excellent deals to its clients. It charges a flat rate of $4.95 as a commission to each of their client. However, it also offers discounts at this rate as it drops down the commission fee to $3.95 for its clients who end a quarter with at least $100,000 or perform at least 30 trades in one quarter. This makes the rate further cheaper for clients. Due to its amazing services, this company is considered among the best online stock trading companies in the world.

5. The Deals Offered by Extrade
Extra is also ranked among the best online stock trading companies worldwide. It provides excellent online services for stocks trading to its clients. Furthermore, the deals offered by this company are also quite interesting. It charges $6.95 as its commission fee to each client. However, it also offers at least 60 days free trade period to each client who opens a new account with Extrade by depositing at least $10,000. This free trade period is also exempted from the commission fee of Extrade. Furthermore, its online stock trading platform also works efficiently well on iOS, Android, as well as on any operating system. The only restriction that it sets for its clients is the minimum $500 balance for opening an account with Extra.

6. The Deal Offered by Fidelity
Fidelity is also one of those online stock trading companies that provide great deals to clients. It charges only $4.95 as its commission fee, but also provides at least first 300 trades as entirely free to its clients. The free trades are exempted with the commission free, which makes its deal as quite attractive to the clients. These 300 free trades are also offered on deposit of $50,000.

7. The Deal Offered by Charles Schwabe
Charles Schwabe offers a deal of awarding $100 to each client who brings at least one referral to the company. The commission fee is also only $4.95. The excellent research-based consultancy services of Charles Schwabe make it eligible to be considered among the top online stock trading companies in the world.

All of the aforementioned online stock trading companies have efficient software platforms through which they perform online stocks trading. Furthermore, through offering excellent deals, they serve their clients at the very best.


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