Premier Biomedical, Inc. CEO Letter, October, 2016 – Quarterly Corporate Update

El Paso, Texas (UPTICK Newswire – October 6, 2016) – Greetings from the CEO and Staff at Premier Biomedical, Inc.

I would like to take this opportunity to update you, our shareholders, on significant developments at Premier Biomedical, Inc. through the third quarter of 2016:


•    After an arduous journey, and as a result of our long range financing plans, we have reduced the number of lenders from as many as five at once in the past, to just one.  We believe this will reduce the selling pressure into the market and may be a catalyst to allowing our stock to achieve its true potential.

•    Due to our recently announced joint venture with Advanced Technologies Solutions (ATS) and our plans to introduce pain management products into the market beginning the first quarter of 2017, we believe our stock price will achieve a significant advance with the onset of revenue at that time.  More discussion on this point will follow below.

•    We continue to explore arranging a partnering relationship with a larger, well established pharmaceutical entity to facilitate R&D of immunotherapy products and our extracorporeal treatments for various diseases, as well as marketing/distribution of our pain management products.

We understand that we cannot continue to borrow money on a long term basis to fund ongoing research and development.

•    In order to eliminate the resultant selling pressure associated with loans, our strategy is to utilize revenue from the sales of pain management products produced by our joint venture partnership, Premier Biomedical Pain Management Solutions (PBPMS).


•    In the quarter recently completed, we announced the formation of a joint venture with Advanced Technologies Solutions (ATS), a San Diego, CA company formed to develop and market new and novel cannabis-based pain management products.  Although cannabis based, our products have no psychoactive substances and are legal in all 50 states.

•    Initial prototype samples of our pain relief patch have been produced and are being distributed to high-visibility medical facilities treating military personnel and professional athletes.

•    Initial market introduction is planned for the first quarter of 2017, via the internet and potentially direct sales to professional organizations.  Attention will be given to possibly expanding distribution channels to other retail organizations as manufacturing capability ramps up to meet demand.

We believe that our corporate focus should continue to be on development efforts in two principal product groupings: 1) BIOLOGICS (Immunotherapy/Extracorporeal Treatments) and 2) PAIN MANAGEMENT.


•    Immunotherapy includes our continuing work on development of our patent-pending anti-cancer antibody (see press release 5-Jul-16), which recently outperformed a multi-billion dollar commercially available competitive drug in laboratory mouse testing.

•    The results of our laboratory testing on small animals so far have been very encouraging.  As a result, we are currently in the process of humanizing our anti-cancer antibody, over the next several months, to facilitate testing towards eventual human clinical trials.

•    Future extensions of our patented extracorporeal treatment technology to various other diseases, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, MRSA, and PTSD, are included in this product grouping.


•    Our focus on Pain Management is to develop and market a series of all natural ingredient, 50 state legal, cannabis based, opioid-free pain management products, including patches, creams, roll-ons, sprays, lip balms, and capsules.

•    Our pain management products are intended to address general, neuropathic, and localized pain symptoms and have the potential to replace dangerous, opioid-laced pain killers currently very popular in the market.

•    Future generations of our pain management products may contain our patented synthetic ingredient combinations to increase efficacy.  These additional components could spawn an entire series of pain management products, but would require FDA testing and approval prior to market introduction.


•    This past quarter, we were greatly saddened by the passing of a very valuable member of our team, Dr. James Frincke, Chief Technical Officer.  Our condolences go out to his widow, family and friends.

•    We also announced the appointment of Dr. Patricio Reyes to the position of Chief Technical Officer and member of Premier Biomedical’s Board of Directors, as well as a member of the Board of Directors of our joint venture, Premier Biomedical Pain Management Solutions (PBPMS).

•    In conjunction with finalizing the PBPMS joint venture, Ronald T. LaBorde has been added to the PBI BoD as well as the BoD of PBPMS.

•    We are very pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Heleno Souza, Colonel in the USAF, to PBI’s Scientific Advisory Board.  We believe the addition of Dr. Souza will significantly strengthen our M&A and sales/investment efforts, particularly in South America.


•    We currently have support contracts with several investor relations/media/digital marketing firms.  I have completed several radio interviews, and most recently a televised interview in support of our corporate message.

•    We continue to focus on getting our message out through social media and encourage our stockholders and readers to follow us on these channels.


•    We are optimistic that the pending tests of our humanized anti-cancer antibody versus competition will be as dramatic as our earlier mouse tests and will possibly attract the attention of large pharmaceutical firms.

•    We are encouraged by the rapid progress in the pain management group.  This first wave of pain management products consisting of 50 state legal cannabis-based, and all natural ingredients is expected to provide revenue to the corporation to fund further research and development beginning in the first quarter of 2017.

•    We expect to be launching a whole series of pain management products from 2017 through 2019.  Press releases announcing each of these product introductions will be issued on a continuing basis in an effort to achieve market support for our stock.

You can keep up to date on our progress by visiting our website (, or subscribing to our email list (  We encourage you to share our progress with your friends, relatives, and associates.

I remain respectfully yours,

William A. Hartman
President & CEO
Premier Biomedical, Inc.
Contact Info: (724) 633-7033,


About Premier Biomedical, Inc.
Premier Biomedical, Inc. (OTCQB: BIEI) is a research-based publicly traded company that intends to discover and develop medical treatments for a wide range of diseases in humans. Premier has obtained, via exclusive license agreements,the technology behind three granted US Patents, multiple pending provisional patents, and a PCT Europe National Patent.Founded in 2010, Premier has partnered with the Department of Defense with Center of Expertise at the William Beaumont Army Medical Centerand the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). The company’s R&D efforts are centered in El Paso, TX, and their business offices are in Western Pennsylvania. The Company is a fully-reporting issuer whose common stock trades on the OTCQB marketplace maintained by OTC Markets Group, Inc. under the ticker symbol “BIEI.”For more information please visit our website:


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