Qrons Inc.’s Jonah Meer Joins Everett Jolly on the Stock Day Podcast (QRON) November 5, 2019.

About Qrons Inc.

Headquartered in New York City, Qrons is a publicly traded emerging biotechnology company developing advanced stem cell-based solutions to combat neuronal injuries with a laser focus on traumatic brain injuries and concussions. The Company has two product candidates for treating TBIs, both integrating proprietary, modified mesenchymal stem cells (“MSCs”) and smart synthetic material, QS100™, an injury specific, 3D printable, implantable MSCs-synthetic hydro gel, to treat penetrating brain injuries and QS200™, an inject able Ms Cs-synthetic hydro gel for the treatment of diffused injuries commonly referred to as concussions.

The Company is a party to a license and research funding agreement and related service agreements with Ariel Scientific Innovations Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Ariel University, based in Ariel, Israel, and in addition to the world-wide exclusive intellectual property license, a Sponsored Research Agreement with Dartmouth College funding further research with Professor Chenfeng Ke and his team in the Chemistry Department, to develop innovative 3D printable, bio-compatible advanced materials. For additional information, please visit www.qrons.com.