Right on Brands, Inc., Developer and Distributor of Delta-8 Products, is Featured on The Stock Day Podcast (RTON)

Phoenix, Arizona–(Newsfile Corp. – March 15, 2021) – The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Right on Brands, Inc. (OTC Pink: RTON) (“the Company”), a Dallas based, consumer goods company specializing in the brand development and distribution of Hemp and CBD-based foods, beverages, smokables, oils, topical and Delta-8 products for health-conscious individuals. CFO and Director of the Company, David Youssefyeh, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Jolly began the interview by welcoming the Company on the podcast and asking about their background and current projects. “Right on Brands is a Texas-based manufacturer of health products. We specialize in products that are made from the hemp plant,” explained Youssefyeh. “Our focus is on finding cannabinoids and bringing them to market.”

Jolly then asked about the Company’s subsidiary, ENDO Brands™, as well as their Delta-8 products. “We do all of our hemp products through a subsidiary called ENDO Brands™. We’ve worked previously with CBD, which is one of one hundred cannabinoids. Now we’ve moved on, in addition to CBD, to Delta-8,” shared Youssefyeh, noting that Delta-8 shares similar properties to Delta-9, the primary psychoactive in marijuana. “Generally, if you take Delta-8 you’ll be a little more coherent than you would be if you ingested marijuana.”

“Is Delta-8 legal?” asked Jolly. “It is,” replied Youssefyeh. “Under Federal law, Delta-9 is specifically and explicitly outlawed, but the Farm Bill allowed the sale of the hemp plant and its by-products, one of which is Delta-8,” he explained. “We’ve brought in a line of Delta-8 vapes that has over ten flavors. We also have Delta-8 gummies, a Delta-8 tincture, and we’re also looking at other products that we would like to bring on.”

The conversation then turned to a recent press release detailing the Company’s decision to convert all CBD and Delta-8 products to glass bottles. “We have a line of CBD-infused water and we got a lot of feedback from people about the plastic bottles,” said Youssefyeh. “We decided that from now on we are going to make all of our products with glass bottles. We think it will make for a better tasting product and it protects the integrity of the product,” he explained, adding that the glass bottles are also environmentally friendly.

“Your sales are up 1,200%; how did you get there?” asked Jolly. “Once we started talking about Delta-8, people ran to us,” said Youssefyeh. “So far, we’ve heard back with almost 100% positive ratings on the Delta-8 products,” he shared. “In addition, we’re also looking to bring out Delta-8 flower,” said Youssefyeh. “We’re looking to do something called ‘ENDO On-The-Go’, which is kind of a pocket-sized Delta-8 or CBD that you can take with you wherever you go, and you can pour it into water, tea, coffee, however you would like to ingest it, and ingest it during the day.”

“What else is Right on Brands working on and where do you see yourself in the next two to three quarters?” asked Jolly. “Right on Brands is looking to be all things from the hemp plant; every product that is made from the hemp plant we’re looking to evaluate and commercialize for our customers,” said Youssefyeh, adding that the Company is also looking at additional isolates. “On the corporate side, we are looking to file our 10-K, which has been delayed, before the end of the month. After that, we’re to catch up with the rest of our SEC filings.”

Youssefyeh then discussed the possibility of the Company doing a reverse split. “The only way we would do a reverse of the stock would be in conjunction with moving to a senior exchange, but at this point we do not have any plans to go to another exchange.”

To close the interview, Youssefyeh shared that the Company has faced the challenges of COVID-19 and is now continuing to move forward in the development and manufacturing of their products. He also encouraged listeners and shareholders to check out the Company’s products at endobrands.com and keep up-to-date on their announcements and current projects. “We’re working on some exciting things and the future is going to be very bright for Right on Brands,” closed Youssefyeh.

To hear David Youssefyeh’s entire interview, follow the link to the podcast here: https://audioboom.com/posts/7822702-right-on-brands-inc-developer-and-distributor-of-delta-8-products-is-featured-on-the-stock-da

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About Right on Brands, Inc.:

Right On Brands, Inc. (OTC Pink: RTON) is a Dallas based, consumer goods company specializing in the brand development and distribution of Hemp and CBD-based foods, beverages, smokables, oils, topical and Delta-8 products for health-conscious individuals. Right On Brands consists of ENDO Brands™, and Right On Brands™. The Company is currently working on becoming a SEC current filer. It is close to completing its 10K and hopefully will have it posted soon. The Company will keep all shareholders updated.

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For the remainder of March Endo Brands is offering fans of the Stock Day Podcast 25% off their entire order by using the code “Spring25” on its website: https://endobrands.com/.

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