ROSINBOMB Discusses Significant 2020 Growth and 2021 Goals with The Stock Day Podcast (ROSN)

Phoenix, Arizona–(Newsfile Corp. – April 13, 2021) – The Stock Day Podcast welcomed ROSINBOMB (OTC Pink: ROSN) (“the Company”), a company with over five years of operating history developing and producing the ROSINBOMB™ line of rosin presses and accessories for extracting organic concentrates. CEO of the Company, Fred Angelopoulos, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

The interview began with the Company’s successes and challenges during 2020. “We have done a lot of exciting things in the last year,” shared Angelopoulos. “2020 was challenging for everyone, but we did have pretty good growth. We grew at 50% in revenue and net income,” he continued. “We’re still a small company; we have a small team of diverse and incredible people.”

“We started building an eCommerce platform, and began targeting directly to the community,” explained Angelopoulos. “We put together a bundle of this end-to-end solution,” he added. “We basically provided people with everything they needed to create their own extractor concentrate,” said Angelopoulos. “That was very successful.”

“As far as challenges during the pandemic, we grew significantly but we did leave a lot of revenue on the table,” shared Angelopoulos. “The biggest challenge for us was our supply chain.”

“What are the company’s newest developments?”, asked Jolly. “The M60 has been wildly successful,” said Angelopoulos. “One of the things that is different about ROSINBOMB is that there are no solvents, it’s heat and pressure. Once solvents get added in there, whether it’s flavoring or to actually extract the terpenes and cannabinoids off the plant, you’re bringing a level of toxicity to the consumers,” he explained. “We’re seeing people starting to use it with different cannabinoids, like CBG, which is a real breakthrough.”

“We just announced a collaboration with Tommy Chong, and we’re doing the Tommy Chong Rocket,” shared Angelopoulos. “He hand signs these, it’s a limited edition, and it’s $549. It’s a real collectors item, but it’s also an incredible press,” shared Angelopoulos. “To have Tommy Chong partner with us and collaborate on this product is pretty special.”

“Where do you see the market going in the next one to two years, legality-wise?”, asked Jolly. “I don’t see how federal legality happens in the next year or two, right now,” said Angelopoulos. “I think New York going green is a big step,” he added. “We would love for cannabis to be accessible to everyone easily. We believe in it so much both recreationally and particularly from a medicinal and health standpoint.”

“What are the obstacles your company is facing over the next two to three quarters?”, asked Jolly. “I think one of the biggest challenges for us was our supply chain,” said Angelopoulos. “When our demand started to grow it was a challenge for us and we needed to find a way to get through that,” he continued. “Another challenge for us has been to really get broad distribution; we’re very select with who we work with,” said Angelopoulos. “We recently joined forces with Mastermind, which offers incredible distribution in North America,” he shared. “Those are two of the biggest challenges that we have overcome, and we’re continuing to pursue our efficiency in bringing products to market.”

“We also have a big product that we are working on,” said Angelopoulos. “We’re launching in the summer and it is such an amazing, mainstream, consumer product that we are very excited about,” he explained. “We’re continuing to advance our intellectual property,” added Angelopoulos, before elaborating on the Company’s patent portfolio. “It’s a big part of what differentiates us,” he added.

“We have also announced a lifetime warranty on our products, we are the only company in the market that does that, as well as a True Force warranty,” said Angelopoulos. “So, whatever we state on our press, we guarantee that you will get that force at least, if not more, for the lifetime of the product,” he shared. “We are really drawing a line in the sand that we believe we have the best technology, we believe it is the best quality, and we stand behind it with these initiatives.”

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Rosinbomb (OTC Pink: ROSN) has over five years of operating history developing and producing the ROSINBOMB™ line of rosin presses and accessories for extracting organic concentrates. Founded as a family company with deep roots in creating press technology for the organic fruit and vegetable juice market, ROSINBOMB presses require no chemicals or additional hardware to operate. The presses are plug-and-press out of the box. The technology uses patent pending techniques to optimize extraction potential and allow the user the ability to easily produce naturally-extracted, organic concentrates. Additional information can be found at

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