Sense Natural Products, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sense Technologies, Inc. (OTC:SNSGF), received the unanimous approval from the City of Scribner, Nebraska to establish the bond resolution to approve the issuance of up to $17,000,000 in Industrial Revenue Bonds

Sense Natural Products, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sense Technologies, Inc. (OTC:SNSGF), is now prepared to expand operations in Scribner, Nebraska with up to $17,000,000 in bond revenues.

GRAND ISLAND, NE – (Uptick Newswire – May 16, 2017) – Sense Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: SNSGF) – Sense Natural Products, Inc., which operates a unique all-natural soybean crush mill in Scribner, Nebraska has completed the final step to obtain industrial revenue bonds to be issued by the City of Scribner located in Dodge County Nebraska. Sense Natural Products received strong endorsements from several local community leaders that arrived to show support for expanding the facility.

The City of Scribner then went on to vote unanimously in favor of and signed the bond resolution. Sense Natural Products now expects to close on their acquisition of the adjacent facility known as 120 Railroad St within a month. The remaining funds will be used for plant expansion, ongoing research and development, and for production enhancements. Plant renovations, upgrades and expansion are already underway, and the plant is producing what many consider to be the highest grade of all-natural soybean meal in the market today.

xMeal is still undergoing real world trials and empirical studies, but so far, it has achieved significant results for it’s growers. Both poultry and swine growers have reduced the need for anti-biotics, reduced death loss, improved feed efficiency and improved average daily gain. xMeal has provided higher energy content per delivered pound, and is delivering a concentrated product that has around half of the moisture content (waste) of similar products. These ongoing trials have demonstrated significant health benefits, which have resulted in increased profitability for the growers that use xMeal.

Sense Natural Products also produces a premium soybean oil. This is a proprietary process that creates a 99.5% pure unrefined raw degummed soybean oil. Because the oil is never refined, the health properties that remain in the oil have shown significant benefits, including reduced death loss and greater feed conversion, all the while saving the grower delivery costs and reducing waste. The caloric density associated with its purity meets or exceeds that of refined oils, while containing many more heat-sensitive nutrients than can be found in refined oils.

With these developments in Sense Natural Products, Inc., management now anticipates a projected increase in the gross revenue of SNSGF by over twenty million dollars per year in the first year. This fast-growing company is poised to lead the way to high-protein, high-energy, ultra-high-nutrition soybean meal for both animal and human nutrition while helping reduce…or even eliminate…the need for anti-biotics in animal feed.

Swine and Poultry growers interested in performing trials of xMeal or xOil should contact the plant at 402:664-2400.

About Sense Technologies, Inc.

SNSGF is a fully-reporting entity.

Sense Technologies, Inc. develops and markets backing awareness products for safety and acquired the assets and intellectual property of Scribner Natural Products in September of 2016. The facility reopened  and commenced operation as Sense Natural Products, Inc. in September of 2016 and more information can be found at:

About Sense Natural Products

Sense Natural Products is an industrial food and feed products company in Scribner Nebraska, where it operates a proprietary all natural extruded and expeller pressed soybean crushing mill. Learn more about the history of Scribner Natural Products and the current management team of Richard Bell and David Dennis from an interview with Michael Yorba segment 1 here: and, segment 2 here:

See the Public Wire report here:

“We are on a fast track because it is in our shareholders’ interest to commence the profit potential just as soon as we can” said Bruce Schreiner, Sense Technologies, Inc.’s President.

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