The Best 5 Penny Stocks To Invest In

Looking for profitable penny stocks to invest in this year? Well, you are in the right place. We all know that it is risky to operate penny stock investing when the business problems of uncertainty are dealt with. Since the undertaking involves investing in the potential of a company, considerable investing know-how is required. For example, last month’s volatile business environment affected the management of currency reserve several major benchmark companies losing grounds after they bounced strongly from February’s remedial lows. One of such company is Russel-2000 whose small cup index is about to close the month with same price level with that of the first trading day of March. This indicates the power of the current political cross-currents that dominates price action ever since it was announced some tariffs are likely to cause trade war.

A weak US dollar is also driving this behavior and this is only likely to end when it stops its persistent decline. Penny stocks are troubled when attracting speculative capital at a time when currencies are acting poorly, calling for the need to have a strict risk management. The following names are trending higher as the ideal currency stock to invest in. Read on for more!

  1. Aerotech (NASDAQ: ARTX)

Being a manufacturing as well as a defense company, Aerotech is working on capitalizing on two major growing industries, Virtual Reality and Drones. What makes this one of the best penny stocks to invest in when compared to others is that they offer ideal stocks to invest in is that it offers its services to over 80% of the aviation industry globally. This company primarily invents technology to be used by the military. They recently won an award for systems in law enforcement and this has led their stock to stabilize and stay high with $4.20 accompanied by an improvement of about $3.66. We are sure that these stocks will become a hot cake once they give report at the end of the year on a sturdy increase for the 3rd quarter of the year when this is compared to the preceding period that yielded $357,000 to $1.8 million.

2.Pharmaceutical Company Valeant Inc

Even though the company experienced issues that saw its stocks go down by 82% in the last 12 months, it still remains one of our favorite penny stocks to invest in since their prices are very affordable. Currently, this company is among the few in biotech industry that trade very affordably. Recently, they attained more than 35 percent in three days. This says a lot as the stocks seems to increase as days go by. This company’s affordability serves is attracting numerous businessmen who are currently responding well to the call. If you are looking for some if the cheapest stocks, this is where you need to be.

  1. The Mueller Products Inc

The company is currently leading as a fire hydrant manufacturer in United States. Having sold over three million fire hydrants, the company is doing pretty well with a single fire hydrant costing a $1000. They really are the best penny stocks to invest in when it comes to this type of business. Even though the hydrants can last for decades, you cannot say the same about seals and gaskets. In such a scenario, replacing hydrants that are worn out is preferable. Having an average of ten to twenty million hydrants in the United States, this company boasts a huge supply base of about 3 million and this makes them the best stocks to purchase. Besides, they receive low commodities prices which increase their profits greatly.

  1. Twitter Inc (TWTR)

Superior monetizing is always the power that drives the company’s expected expansion and growth. They may not be the ideal type of penny stocks to invest in due to their higher price share, but one may want to invest in them considering the fact that they plan to attract over 500 million individuals with no Twitter accounts, the company’s revenue will increase since these users will be charged half the amount that the people who log in are charged. With the fact that they won some ticks from NFL , Twitter’s fan base is expected to go high since thousands of Thursday Night Football fans are likely to sign up in Twitter to be able to view matches.

  1. Five- Below-Inc

The company has currently recorded a 25 percent growth this year. Now, that’s something to consider when choosing penny stocks to invest in.  With over 400 stores, the company is a local brand that seems to have the potential to expand inside out and if in case you look forward to experience huge returns on your investment, this company offers the best sticks to invest in! The company plans to open 2000 shops with their main focus being Southern Florida, California, Southern Texas, and Ohio markets since they are still untapped. As a result of the opportunities that the company has found in the regional markets, the company should be the stocks that every investor should scrabble for because they are going places.

In conclusion, every investor needs to understand that as you spend in stocks, you need to use a good risk management strategy to avoid loses. This is because penny stocks are investments with high risk but can yield awesome rewards. However, if you are not sure of which company to invest in, just choose any from the above and you are less likely to go wrong since they are the ideal stocks to spend on.

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