The Stock Day Podcast Discusses with NextSource Materials Inc. the Growing Demand of Graphite and the Strategic Investment Led by Mining Legend Sir Mick Davis to Fully Fund Its World-Class Graphite Project (NSRCF)

Phoenix, Arizona–(Newsfile Corp. – March 29, 2021) – The Stock Day Podcast welcomed NextSource Materials Inc. (OTCQB: NSRCF) (TSX: NEXT) (“the Company”), a battery materials development company based in Toronto, Canada. Executive Vice President of the Company, Brent Nykoliation, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Jolly began the interview by asking about the Company’s background and current projects. “We are a mining development company based in Canada and have been in Madagascar since 2007 where we have developed two world-class projects – one is vanadium and the other is graphite; both of which the US government has declared as critical materials. We are known as a very technically oriented company, and will be bringing our graphite project into production in March of next year. Both of these very significant materials happen to have a long and well established demand in the traditional steel market and now, on top of this, have additional demand as critical materials in the battery and energy storage materials space,” shared Nykoliation.

“Graphite is critical in lithium ion batteries, where it makes up almost 100% of the anode, the negative side of the battery. There is approximately 10 times more graphite in a lithium-ion battery than there is lithium, and with the massive demand forecasted for electric vehicles over the next 3-10 years, the world is going to need more graphite. Our project is one of the largest and highest-quality flake graphite projects in the world and we have managed to attract a very significant and strategic investor with a proven track record in building billion dollar mining companies – Sir Mick Davis, the former CEO of Xstrata Plc, who built Xstrata into one of the largest mining companies in the world before he merged it with Glencore Plc, which is the largest commodities trading company in the world.”

“Sir Mick Davis is a mining legend and believes there is a massive secular change coming in the demand for critical battery materials, and in particular graphite, in order to power our future. He created his battery commodity investment company, Vision Blue Resources Ltd., to assemble a portfolio of strategically significant investments in high-quality, responsibly managed and proven battery material mining assets, and to take advantage of another commodities “super-cycle” that will see prices of raw materials for batteries soar this year and beyond. Battery materials will power our electric future and are also critical in decarbonizing our world. NextSource was the first and most significant investment by his new company to date and Sir Mick is now Chair of our company.”

“For the last 13 years we’ve been quietly developing these high-quality assets towards development. Our timing is serendipitous given the next 10 to 15 years will be “all about the battery” and we have delineated two world-class resources that are critical battery materials both for electric vehicles and for large-scale energy storage systems required to harness renewable energy, such as the vanadium redox battery, which is a leading technology”, explained Nykoliation. “It just so happens that the two largest raw materials in a vanadium redox battery is vanadium and graphite.”

“Why do you think the demand for graphite has surged?”, asked Jolly. “Beyond the mighty pencil, graphite has always been critical in the steel making process – everyday, we use or come in contact with over 200 products that rely on graphite,” said Nykoliation. “What’s happened now is that on top of this significant traditional usage, you have applications in batteries that take significant amounts of graphite,” explained Nykoliation. “For example, a Tesla Model S will take approximately 300 pounds of graphite, per car, just for the battery. With analysts predicting that electric vehicles will reach price parity with internal combustion engine cars within the next 3 years, and will outsell them by 2040, the expected demand for graphite and other battery materials is quite significant.”

“The World Bank recently listed the projected demand of the top 12 minerals and materials that will be required for energy technologies by 2050, and graphite ranks number one at a 500% increase versus 2018 levels,” shared Nykoliation. “The focus on electrification by car companies globally has now put graphite into the spotlight.”

Jolly then commented on the Company’s latest press release detailing the closing of the Company’s initial tranche of financing with Vision Blue Resources, as well as the appointment of Sir Mick Davis as the Company’s Chair of The Board and what the near-term catalysts will be going forward over the next two to three quarters. “The world is changing,” said Nykoliation. “There is now a global effort building to decarbonize the planet. Governments and corporations are getting very serious about making changes to achieve this. Look no further to the significant announcements from OEMs such as GM, Ford, VW and Volvo who have all pledged that they will be out of internal combustion engines, in other words “no tailpipes”, within the next five to ten years,”. This means you’re going to need a significant amount of graphite and other battery materials in order to power the future of automotive.”

To close the interview, Nykoliation shared that the Company is doing “right things right” as it grows rapidly yet strategically over these next several months to meet this surge in demand for battery materials. With Sir Mick Davis taking an active role in the overall strategic direction of the Company, NextSource is going to have a busy 2021. The construction process of the mine in Madagascar will commence next month and the Company is now looking at fast-tracking a value-added battery anode facility to open up within 6 months of the mine in order to produce and supply battery grade graphite directly to the OEMs. Nykoliation also encouraged listeners to keep up-to-date on the Company’s upcoming news releases as they move closer to production. “We will have consistent and frequent news flow over the course of the next several months. We’re going to be reaching production in March 2022, well ahead of anyone else, and with a high-quality graphite that has been fully verified by top customers across all the key demand markets.”

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