Top 10 Penny Stocks To Buy In 2018


Interested in the top 10 penny stocks to buy in2018?  Than first, let’s learn a bit about penny stocks in general.  Penny stock is any stock that trades for less than $5. These types of investment give you the opportunity to dream big especially if you have skills in trading securities. But you should be warned, these are investments with a high level of risk. You might win a lot of money and on the other hand, you can lose your money. To gain a great deal of money then you must have a strategy that will assure you a win. Also, in-depth knowledge that almost definitely wins you money. Below is a list of five of the best in the top 10 penny stocks from various companies that you should invest. Though, you should be warned you should control your expectations. These stocks will not make you wealthy overnight it takes time, even years.

1. Aerotech

The first on our list of top 10 penny stocks to buy in 2018 is Aerotech. This a defense and design manufacturing company on virtual reality and drones which are one of the expanding industries this year. Aerotech services around 80% of the global aviation industries. It creates technology for law enforcement and the military. Last year it reported an increase of its earning from $357,000 to $1.8 million. This increase makes it a worthwhile investment as there is an upward trend in its earnings’ which an investor will consider.

2. Mueller Water Products

This company is among the best fire hydrant in the U.S.; it has sold over three million fire hydrants. Together with its low share prices, it cannot be left out in our top 10 penny stocks to buy this year. Do not despise the fact that faucets are long-lasting; they can replace all those that are worn out. A fire hydrant costs around $1,000. In the U.S. there are approximately 20 million fire hydrants, therefore a supply of 3 million is a very good indication of the company’s potential. Moreover, it receives low commodities prices. This increases its profit by a considerable margin. Therefore, there is a high expectation of an increase in prices.

3. Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl Inc.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals is another inclusion into our top 10 penny stocks to buy right now its price is cheap. That’s is why you should invest in it. In the past twelve months, its stock price has declined in value up to around 82%. However, it has been until now the among the best Biotech industries which sell their products at an affordable rate. Being affordable means that its sales volume will be high making the company profits which will reflect an increase in its share price. Risk-seeking investors tend to go for investments like this.

4. Twitter Inc

A surprise inclusion to our top 10 penny stocks to buy in 2018 is Twitter. There is a significant possibility of Twitter’s growth and expansion due to its monetization. It also has a plan which it will use to make money from 500 million people who don’t have a Twitter account but still consume it. It plans to come up with a way in which it will charge a half amount of what logged in users are charged. Another advantage that will see the number of Twitter users increased is the right it won with NFL. With this right, it will expand the fan base who will sign up to watch their favorite matches. With all this, you surely must consider investing on Twitter.

5. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd

Alibaba Group Holdings is one of the top 10 penny stocks, currently in the market. There is a market expectation for Alibaba Group Holdings to expand its sales to 30%. This will definitely make it the highest retailer globally. Alibaba is the best performing in the top 10 penny stocks currently with an additional investment of $18 billion and a market capitalization of $200 billion. Generally, everything points to Alibaba increasing its value and becoming the best retailer in the future. Indeed, you should go for this company even if you are a risk-averse investor. There is a high chance of extraordinary gains.


If you want to invest in these top 10 penny stocks then, you must have been a risk-loving investor. You go for the risk. Though the above is what is true to myself, I suggest you utilize them as a guideline to invest in penny stocks. It’s wise to invest in more than one as a means of diversifying your risk. And be ready for anything. As I had said before you can either win or lose. Its wise to invest in more than one as a means of diversifying your risk. All the best as you go on investing in penny stocks.

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