U.K. Summer Smog Abated by DiesoLiFTTM Use



ST. LOUIS, (Uptick Newswire April 11, 2016)Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc. (“FPS” or the “Company”) (OTC BB: IFUE) announced today that use of DiesoLiFTTM will reduce NOX and other harmful emissions and help abate the chronic smog issues that plague metropolitan cities in the U.K. especially in the warmer summer months.
DiesoLiFTTM, offered exclusively in the U.K. through FPS distribution partner Unipart Rail, is the Company’s proprietary fuel additive formulation that enhances the performance and reduces harmful emissions of diesel and bio-diesel fuel blends.
Summer smog is a type of air pollution which occurs during hot weather in built-up urban areas and the surrounding countryside. It is formed when nitrogen dioxide, largely the result of industrial and road traffic pollution, reacts with hydrocarbons in sunlight to form ozone, which can then be mixed with particles.

Children, people with lung diseases such as asthma, and people who work or exercise outside are particularly susceptible to the adverse effects of this type of smog which can cause damage to lung tissue and reduction in lung function.
“Over the past ten years, laboratory testing and field trials have consistently demonstrated that use of DiesoLiFTTM will increase fuel economy and dramatically reduce harmful emissions,” said Axel Farhi, FPS’s Director of Global Business Development. “Most recently, testing completed in 2016 demonstrated an 8% reduction in NOX.”
FPS and distribution partner Unipart Rail are involved in numerous projects with rail and road transport fleet operators that are all interested in the Fuel Efficiency Management (“FEM”) program, a comprehensive fuel management program offered by FPS and Unipart that specifically addresses fuel performance and emissions reductions benefits. Adoption of the FEM program by U.K. fleet operators will result in a reduction in NOX and other smog causing emissions and provide a significant improvement in the quality of the air that is breathed in the U.K.
For more information on the joint Unipart Rail and FPS fuel savings and emissions reduction program: http://www.unipartrail.com/dieselperformance.html
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Fuel Performance Solutions, Inc., formerly International Fuel Technology, Inc., is a company focused on providing fuel performance solutions to large, industrial consumers of diesel fuel and bio-diesel fuel blends in the rail, road transport, stationary power generation and marine industries.

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Further information on DiesoLiFTTM and the PerfoLiFTTM BD-Series may be found at FPS’s website: www.fuelperformancesolutions.com

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