Uptick Looks at Blow & Drive

by Callan Smith

Phoenix, AZ – (UPTICK Newswire – Oct. 28, 2015) – The never ending hunt for great penny stock companies continues. That said, take a look at Blow & Drive Interlock Corp (OTC: BDIC) a company that manufactures and distributes ignition interlock devices. Recent news from the company announced that seven states have adopted their interlock device Model# BDI-747. In February Bloomberg Business discussed the interlock market in “Drunk-Driving Interlock Sales May Jump Fivefold Under Bills”. According to Bloomberg data, sales of ignition interlock devices “may jump to as much as $1.1 billion a year.”

The bill in question referenced by Bloomberg has not as of yet passed through congress, but there are strong indications that the need for such safety measures lobbied for by MADD and other groups will continue to push forward. For example, per trafficsafety.org, there are 1.4 million DUI arrests per year. Using interlock devices such as Blow & Drive’s affords individuals the ability to safely get behind the wheel following such an arrest. The benefit to the public at large is beyond measure.

Blow & Drive’s interlock product provides breath-alcohol testing in the size of a smartphone, requiring the driver to blow into the device before starting the vehicle. The individual pays for the installation and removal of the device along with a monthly lease. Blow & Drive monitors the device and provides GPS information where needed. MADD notes the devices are about “$70-150 to install and about $60-80 per month for monitoring and calibration. This is less than three dollars a day. In most states, interlock companies provide interlock devices for offenders who can’t afford the devices or an indigent fund is set up by the state to cover costs for these offenders.”

In August Blow & Drive advised that they had begun to generate revenue from leasing, installation and monitoring of their interlock devices from 13 service centers across California and Oregon. With the addition of more states to the mix, it looks promising that Blow & Drive will see strong revenue growth, as their share of the potential $1.1 billion dollar interlock market grows. Uptick staff will be watching for quarterly and year end results from Blow & Drive, a catchy name for a company bound to excel.

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