UPTICK Presents: Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc.

FITX_1Incorporated in 2008, Creative Edge Nutrition Inc. (FITX) is a Michigan based company dedicated to maximizing athletic performance and overall health and well being through its state of the art nutritional products. Within the past six years, the company has created a line of powders, drinks and supplements such as Metabolic Extreme, designed to burn excess fat, and Hyper-Infusion, formulated to increase strength. Further, the company continues to forge ahead in the health industry by partnering up and acquiring other health related brands. In 2012, Creative Edge Nutrition acquired SCI-Fit and Nature’s Science product brands.

Along with developing nutritional products, Creative Edge Nutrition has expanded and ventured into other health related areas, most notably focusing its efforts on the medical marijuana industry. One step came in March 2013 with its Naturals line which includes products such as Hemp Nutra Tea and Hemp Nutra Coffee Additive. Promoting the benefits of hemp, the teas and coffee additives come in a variety of flavors and are made with other natural ingredients such as Milk Thistle and Ginger. On June 6, 2014, the company also announced its creation of a Cannabis Advisory Board which focuses primarily on the research of techniques and technology in growing medical marijuana.

As the demand for medical marijuana surges, Creative Edge Nutrition took its most significant move by establishing in 2013 a subsidiary company, CEN Biotech in Canada. The purpose of CEN Biotech is to obtain a “licensed producer status” to not only produce but supply medical cannabis for medicinal purposes in a manner that meets all Marijuana Medical Purpose Regulations. (MMPR)

The entrance into the medical marijuana sector has not only made recent headlines but also created a few challenges along the way. Two ongoing challenges have been the legalization of marijuana, and the debate over the zoning laws regarding its Lakeshore facility. On Oct 4th, 2014, FITX announced that “CEN Biotech Releases Lakeshores City Council documented evidence substantiating company is fully compliant with zoning by Laws.”

Regardless of such challenges, the nutritional company has done well. As of November 19, 2014, the company made a leap, its third double digit green session in a row.

For more, go to www.cenergynutrition.com

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