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Located in Winnetka, California, Green Cures and Botanical Distribution Inc. creates, develops and distributes a line of hemp infused products that helps promote overall health and nutrition. Within the last seven years, the company has introduced an array of body care, E-liquids, and nutritional supplements such as their best selling Liquid Boost and Hemp Protein Powder. The company is also getting ready to launch a national drink named Rico Suave which will be infused with both hemp and taurine.

During this past year, the company has made significant strides in not only developing new products, but also in educating the public about the benefits of hemp based products, and in building a solid foundation that will take the company to the next level.  In June 2014, the company created a research advisory committee headed by Dr. Gerry Bedore, a noted horticulturist and expert in entomology.  The committee will guide and advise Green Cures in several ways including the research and development of products and the selection of high quality raw ingredients.

The company has also continued to build its presence in the market with its two online sites that sell, process, and distribute its “portfolio” of products. Launched in October 2014, allcbd.com, an e-commerce platform, not only markets the products but also is used to educate the consumers about cannabis derived, and hemp based products. The company’s other website, Allbotanical.com, continues to grow and is now able to ship internationally to countries such as England and Canada.

The company’s objective includes becoming “the leading hemp and botanical industry innovators…..” Along with being a leader, the company seems to take a strong interest in appealing to a broader audience. In fact, Green Cures has made great efforts in marketing to consumers across the board and tapping into the conventional market. In September 2014, Green Cures Botanical Distribution Inc. announced a distribution program with Florida based Nutritional Products International and InHealth Media. The companies will henceforth assist Green Cures in introducing their product line to larger, less defined markets such as sports, wellness and health.

On September 9, 2014. Green Cures and Botanical Distribution closed out at .0042. With its continuing efforts to appeal to a broader audience and its emphasis on high quality and effective products, the company should experience a steady upward’s trend for 2015. Plus, with more states legalizing medical marijuana use, America’s marijuana industry is projected to exceed $10 billion in 2018.  With such projections, more businesses are opening up practically overnight in hopes of turning a profit.  With changing laws and status, newer businesses new to the cannabis industry may find it more challenging. Thus, having a seasoned pro such as CEO’s Robert Calkin becomes particularly beneficial.

With over twenty five years of experience in the cannabis industry, Calkin hopes to not just sell his products to the consumers but educate them. By educating them, it is hoped that even the most hesitant and reserved customer may open up to the proposed benefits of hemp. Moreover, the company’s emphasis of the many health benefits of hemp should  attract new customers. Words such as soothe, energizing, and its focus on promoting serenity while addressing pain relief may appeal to everyone. And a market of everyone is what Green Cures and Botanical Distribution Inc. seems most determined to win over.   

For more, go to www.gcbdinc.com

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