UPTICK Presents: iHookup Social Inc.

HKUP The process of dating, socializing and “hooking up” with others just got a lot easier thanks to the social media app, iHookup (HKUP).  Created by a team of top Silicon Valley developers and mobile innovators, the app is a mobile social platform that helps singles, groups and all those interested in expanding their social network with the use of the latest location based technology, real time chat, and personal video uploads. The app not only helps those in the community connect with one another but it also allows local venues to promote their businesses and gain visibility. This business model has proved to be a winning one as more users have downloaded the app than previously expected.

Within this last year, iHookup has made great strides and seems to have found its place in the social media market. In 2007, iHookup Social Inc, a Nevada corporation, was initially created to produce interactive digital yearbook software for schools.  Eventually, the company merged with its subsidiary, Ital Iron Ore corp. and became a mineral exploration company. Unable to raise further capital, the company left the mining industry and began to focus its efforts on iHookup, a Delaware based subsidiary. On April 11, 2014, the company changed its name to “iHookup Social Inc.”  Headed by CEO Robert Rositano, iHookup completed “the acquisition of assets” from its developer, Checkmate Mobile Inc. in 2013.

The company has wasted no time in growing its business, developing better technology, and gaining more users. In September 2014, iHookup hired Megacast, a Canadian based digital branding and advertising agency who previously worked with prominent brands such as IHeart Radio and Salem Communication. Megacast plans to expand iHookup’s visibility, booster its SEO and focus on community development. Under Megacast’s guidance,  iHookup has put much of its energy into increasing awareness while decreasing its spending on advertising.

Continuing to build momentum, the company has recently achieved two major milestones. In October, Facebook approved the inclusion of iHookup into its “App Center” while iHookup’s new ios8 mobile app was approved by the Apple App Store. The new app version features an updated Facebook creation and a new monetization engine. 

Increasing its visibility in both app centers, the company has experienced a notable increase in downloads.  While its motto may be “real connections…real people…real time…” iHookup is certainly having some real results.  In comparison to its numbers in  January 2014,  (the company had 7,407 new downloads), this past November proved to be a stellar month as the company reported 48,665 new downloads. In total, there are now over 445,000 registered users.  

For more, please go to www.ihookupsocial.com . 

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