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Spotlight Stocks is intended to give investors an edge. Every morning UPTICK Newswire provides insight on a micro-cap company. We only pick the companies that meet our stringent criteria and then report daily to our members. Below are some of the companies we have featured in our daily “Spotlight Stocks”.-UPTICK Newswire


Stream Track, Inc.11/26/14-

Stream Track, Inc. (STTK) is a technology services company that operates in the digital media space. Stream Track’s flagship product “RadioLoyalty™” offers listeners over five thousand stations which can be accessed at radioloyalty.com. Listeners are given a list of genres to choose from, including: Classical, Top 40, Rock, and Talk/Sports/News. For an updated overview of the company’s Content click here (http://radioloyalty.com/station-guide/result.php). “RadioLoyalty™” has created an engaged audience by rewarding users for their interactions. Users of “RadioLoyalty™”earn points by searching, rating, and listening to songs. These listeners in turn redeem points for products from the “RadioLoyalty™” store. The platform has created a paradigm in music entertainment/media by incentivizing users for their interactions with Stream Track software/online medias. >>>Read More

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Aethlon Medical, Inc. 11/25/14-

Aethlon Medical, Inc. (AEMD) is a California based medical device company that specializes in creating treatments for life threatening conditions. The company has been instrumental in providing practical solutions for infectious diseases, and various forms of cancer. Exosome Sciences, Inc., a majority owned subsidiary of Aethlon Medical specializes in creating diagnostic tools for detecting the presence of exosomes (cell-derived vesicles that are present in blood). Exosome Sciences’ most significant achievement is  Enzyme Linked Lectin Specific Assay (ELLSA) which has been  used to detect the presence of exosomes in  various forms of cancer, including melanoma, ovarian, lymphoma, breast, and colorectal. >>>Read More

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Red Giant Entertainment Inc. 11/24/14-

REDGEstablished in 2010, Red Giant Entertainment (REDG) creates high quality comic books and other multi-media products. Having published dozens of comic and graphic books, this innovative company boosts a worldwide readership in the millions. Red Giant Entertainment’s comic book publications alone reach over one million readers every week, an attractive figure for advertisers.

Within the past four years, the multimedia corporation, based out in Florida, has focused its efforts on three sectors: advertising, publishing, and creative works such as film. Following in the footsteps of DC Comics and Marvel, Red Giant Entertainment is determined to become the largest publisher in the comic book industry. So far, they are headed in the right direction. With a loyal following in the millions, Red Giant Entertainment works with some of the best creative talents who have continually produced widely popular comic and graphic books such as The Blood Conspiracy, Tesla, and Katrina. The comic books are featured on print/online, at comic book markets, video, games, novels, toys, and apparel.

With its comic book sector well-established and thriving, the company is now actively pursuing and developing other media platforms such as film and television. The company has several films that have either been released or are currently about to be released such as Shockwave Darkside and Last Blood to name a few. Further, recent events highlight how the company is forging ahead in the comic book industry and other media platforms.  >>>Read More

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