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UPTICK Newswire staff is always on the hunt for great companies, which leads us to the new UPTICK Daily Stock Picks posts. Monday through Friday Uptick staff will be providing readers with companies that we believe are worthy of your time. Some days we’ll provide solely the ticker and company name, other days we’ll give you some insight into the company. At times we’ll give you our expectations, such as with the following companies that CEO Everett Jolly saw and cast predictions about. Now Uptick readers will get a daily dose of penny stock picks.

When BLGO was at $.31 Everett advised they would see gains. They are now trading at $.50.

Take BIEL, when they were trading at .0007, Everett saw them going up. At present BIEL is trading at 0.0011

RXMD is another company that has been on Everett’s radar. He first started looking at them at $.0070. 

TLIF has been looking good also. Everett picked up on them at $.12, now they’re trading at $.18.

We can’t forget LMDCF, which Everett brought to the attention of Uptick staff when the company was at $.31. Now they’ve hit $.45. Furthermore, Uptick issued it’s first target price recommendation of $1.00 for LMDCF

Last but not least, GDSI. Everett has been watching them closely since they were at $.0038 and moving upward. 


Uptick encourages investors to do their own due diligence in determining investment strategies that work for them. Uptick opinion is based upon individual company and market factors. Invest at your own risk.


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