World Oil Group, Inc,'s 20 Year Private Contract Abstract for 4081.92 Hectares of Land (10,086.64 Acres)

LIMA, PERU – (Uptick Newswire – October 20, 2016) – World Oil Group, Inc.’s (OTC: WOGI) Abstract of the signed a 20-year private contract (Indefinido-Renovable Cada 20 anos) for land rights of 4081.92 hectares of land in the Tambopata Region of Madre de Dios, Peru. World Oil Group, Inc. will look to develop a host of projects on the property.


Buffer zone of the Tambopata National Reserve and Baguaja Sonene National Park
zona de amortiguamiento de la Reserva Nacional de Tambopata y Parque Nacional Baguaja Sonene

1) The Concession is for ECO Tourism (Concesion De Eco Turismo) “CONCESION PARA LA CONSERVACION (MAGO) located in the following;


2) TERM OF CONCESSION: The concession is for 20 years (Indefinido-Renovable Cada 20 anos)

3) CONTROL/MANAGEMENT OF CONCESSSION: WOGI will have 100% operational control and management of the concession/property for: 1. Carbon Tax Credits, 2. Eco Tourism/Hotels/Resorts, 3. Medical Research, 4, Medical Health Tourism, and 5. Agriculture Business to name a few.

4) EQUITY POSITION(s): All general business 75% WOGI/25% Concessionaire.
Medical Research: 90% WOGI/10% Concessionaire.

5) World Oil Group, Inc. reserves the right to assign the agreement in whole and or in part to negotiate with new equity partners in each area of business. This will allow World Oil Group, Inc.’s shareholders to receive benefit(s) and not dilute shares to raise capital to build out each level of business allowed by the concession.



World Oil Group, Inc. has signed a 20-year renewable contract and has acquired a physical asset in excess of 15 million dollars that is 10,086.64 acres of fertile land with natural organic food currently growing on the property. This contract gives World Oil Group, Inc. 100% Command and Control/Management to generate varies businesses opportunities on the property. This gives WOGI the ability to grow the company in balanced portfolio and generate an enormous upside for WOGI shareholders in a growing diverse market.

Organic Foods Market:

Medical Research:
US Naval Medical Research in Peru

Foods That Heal:,,


World Oil Group, Inc., will continue providing shareholder updates over the next few weeks so that shareholders can follow the development of each business segment as its unfolds.

WOGI Image for 10_20 PR

World Oil Group, Inc. will continue to press forward to build a strong company despite the obstacles its faced in the market.

About: World Oil Group, Inc. is an international company with oil exploration operations in Oil City, Pennsylvania and its Management, Petroleum, Commodities & Mining Operations based in Lima, Peru.


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