Who We Are

Stock Day Media is the top Penny and Micro-Cap news source in America.  Our Mission is to provide transparency to publicly traded companies and inform the investors directly. Our reach in the stock market community gives Stock Day the ability to find new potential investors that are seeking unique and lucrative opportunities.

Stock Day Media is the only Investors Relations firm with a dedicated social media team to engage investors.  We have a large number of following across all platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  We also have a Nationally Syndicated Radio Show called “Stock Day Podcast”

Stock Day gears it’s services to those Micro-Cap and Nano companies that trade on OTC, NYSE, NASDAQ, TSX markets, this is who we are.


Everett Jolly

Chief Executive Officer – Founder

Everett Jolly is the Chief Executive Officer of Stock Day Media.  For over twenty-five years Everett has been in the financial sector, with that experience comes a wealth of knowledge and a desire to teach investors about the Micro-Cap market.  Everett was recognized for showing his dedication leadership and excellence by being inducted into Worldwide Who’s Who for Excellence in Marketing.

Holly Marie

Chief Operating Officer

Sara Minnig

Chief Operating Officer Assistant

Julie Kelley

Branding and Content Distribution